Austraila Day Cometh

Day 15. 66 pages, 30,242 words.

I was going to start my Bla Bla Bla Bla Wars posting weekend today, but instead, this found its way onto my Facebook feed:

Aw yeah.

This allows me to reiterate that yes, Australia Day is a thing, and I will be barbecuing lamb on Tuesday the 26th, come what may.

Sadly, Mrs. Hatboy and Wump will be at an extended dance rehearsal so I will have to take care of the grillening and photography while looking after Toop … but I will think of something.

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11 Responses to Austraila Day Cometh

  1. dreameling says:

    Reynolds is awesome. 🙂

    • stchucky says:

      And his accent is perfect. Oh no, it’s not a perfect – or even a passable – Australian accent, but it’s the best parody-Australian accent I have iver hird.

  2. stchucky says:

    And here’s another bit of hilarity I found just to make your Friday complete.

    Off to eat sushi.

  3. brknwntr says:

    I’m not sure whether my phone is playing up, or whether dreameling is just humoring you. But “also this” and “another bit of hilarity” are blank. Nothing humorous about them.

    And please explain the hat.

    • stchucky says:

      Funny. On my computer, both videos show up. On my phone, the top video is sort of there but doesn’t work right, and the second video is fine. The first comments-video wasn’t YouTube, but some other Facebook-related link. So short answer, our phones are to blame and you should go for the full Hatboy’s Hatstand experience on the PC.

      The hat is designed to keep flies off, and is usually used by farmers in rural areas. It may seem excessive, but you may not appreciate how many flies there are in the Australian outback.

      • brknwntr says:

        Oh I fully accept the number of flies. Maybe I wouldn’t have before, but then I experienced Finland in the summer.

        I’ll have to do the full Hatboy when I get home.

      • stchucky says:

        Finland has flies?

        I ask legitimately, although I see it might also be (unnecessarily) making my point for me. I’ve encountered the occasional horsefly and of course there’s a zillion mosquitoes, but I never noticed a fly problem.

      • brknwntr says:

        Mosquitoes was what i was referencing. I wouldn’t have believed they could be so bad before. We have them in Illinois, and Illinois is a swamp. But we don’t have them this bad.

      • stchucky says:

        Yeah, mosquitoes are minimal in Australia, and the cork hat is completely ineffective against them. Flies go for the face.

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