Fan films

Day 14. 64 pages, 29,464 words.

Afraid I don’t have much for today. Tomorrow I will start the posting of Episode V of my 2002 Star Wars parody, because it’s the weekend again and I will be out of contact.

All I can say is, this weekend can’t come soon enough. Ugh.

I was treated to this little video this afternoon, I felt it was well worth a watch. This, I could almost see as Rey’s origin story – indeed, that may be exactly what it’s intended to be, I didn’t do much reading about it. This could be her mother and grandfather[1], trying to get to a Rebel / Resistance base on Jakku. They ultimately fail and Kara is left to raise her Force-baby. Uh, then leaves when Rey is a little kid. Or something. Watch the video.

[1] No, not Obi-Wan.

So, bit of fun. And well put-together. And a lot of the comments are hilarious, in a “what is wrong with you people?” kind of way.

My favourite comment-and-reply:

“This is an Oscar-quality short. I am dead serious when I say that you should be hired to direct one of the upcoming movies.”

“You are an absolute disgrace to humanity for making that comment.”

I don’t know why that was funny. It just was.

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6 Responses to Fan films

  1. aaronthepatriot says:

    Great video, I really enjoyed it, thanks for posting it! I like origin stories that could be, while we wait for the damn actual origin story. And I like that set of comments, too. It shows the dichotomy of your typical internet posters. Either full praise, or full hate. Nobody can be constructively critical these days, or be on the fence ;D

  2. dreameling says:

    Great fan film. Better production values than in many B-movies. Great acting as well. Impressive.

    I watched this on YouTube, since embedded Vimeo doesn’t work on my Android Chrome client, but I didn’t stay for the comments. I’m sure they were similar, though.

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