Ilkka said the thing

Day 4. 28 pages, 10,329 words.

Wow, this turned out to be long. Sorry about that. Except, well, that’s a lie. I’m not sorry. Just read.

You know, it takes a lot to boot my social justice warrior machine into gear these days. As I’ve previously said, I disembarked from the outrage train when pseudofeminist crybabies ruined the comet landing for everybody over a goddamn T-shirt. Fuck you, pseudofeminist crybabies.

Well, I’m back on board, for a couple of stops. Because I’m angry now, about something that really isn’t my place to be angry about. I’m outraged on behalf of an injured demographic to which I don’t belong. I’m not much of a white knight – I’m really more of a dirty beige with coffee-ring highlights – but I’m suiting up.

It started earlier this weekend, during a Skype call with my parents. My mum and dad usually find some way to slip at least one reference to ISIS or terrorists or religious fundamentalism into our conversations. They mean well, and I understand that they’re worried and there’s nothing much they can do from half a planet away. And they are victims of today’s media, which feeds them nothing but fear and misinformation.

I want to make it as clear as possible that I don’t blame them for this. They’re good people and I love them. It’s just amusing, usually, how completely we have switched sides as we’ve grown older. I used to be the kid with the UFO books and the excited theories about how Area 51 was a big government cover-up, and they were the sensible ones with the reams of dull evidence making my life a little bit more boring, one crushed fantasy at a time. Now, they’re retired and bored and winding down towards death[1], and obviously their suspension of disbelief is shot from seventy-plus years of charging merrily along the pothole-riddled highway of life. Now they’re the ones blindly believing in things that are revealed as impossible with even the slightest critical thought, and I’m the one forced into the role of Captain Bringdown.

[1] This is not me talking. This is literally what they’re preparing for. Every time they send me some dire warning note about crazy people, they add the disclaimer “this isn’t going to be our problem, because we’re going to be dead”. You think I’m kidding. I’m not kidding.

Of course, my attempts to crack their thick candy shells don’t really work because they’ve already made up their minds about how things are, and I’m not going to get through to them now. So as angry as this latest bit of shittery has made me, I’m not stressing out too much about convincing them about it. There’s no point. And it’s not them I’m mad at. This is just where it started this time.

Anyway, this weekend’s Skype conversation was no exception. My folks told me to be careful, because Helsinki had reported a wave of sexual assaults over new year’s eve, similar to those that apparently occurred in Cologne, Germany. The incidents in Helsinki were described as “mob sexual assaults”, which is not at all wildly inaccurate and over-charged panic-inducing language. Finnish police apparently reported an “unusually high” number of sexual assaults.

The lie

Spoilers: There wasn’t.

That’s right, there were no Clockwork Orange-esque roving packs of well-organised refugee men out looking for women to harass. There were three reported assaults in the wider Helsinki area, which is as far as I know more or less standard[2]. There was a big crowd in Senaatintori (the Senate square), including some foreign sorts, but there was no clear information on what happened there, who was involved[3], and not a single woman apparently mass-sexually-assaulted was approached to make a statement.

[2] At least since this sort of sleazy talk-and-grope activity actually became a reportable crime. More on that later.

[3] Actually this isn’t true – there were no incidents there either, and there were reports, but it’s all about what you choose to believe at this point. And what you choose to believe, as usual, depends on what sort of person you are. More on this later too.

So instead of on-the-scene safety officers and actual victims, we were gifted with a series of horrifically out-of-touch statements from Ilkka Koskimäki, the apulaispoliisipäällikkö (deputy chief of police), who described the imaginary incident as an “uusi seksuaalirikosilmiö”, a new sex crime phenomenon.

“…puistoissa ja kaduilla tapahtuneet seksuaalirikokset olivat Suomessa tuntemattomia ennen kuin 32,000 turvapaikanhakijaa saapui maahan viime vuonna,” he said. Sex crime incidents in parks and on the streets were unknown before 32,000 refugees arrived in the country last year. Please correct my translations if they’re out of line.

Unknown. Unknown.

Yes. Ikkka Koskimäki said the thing. Why did you say the thing, Ilkka?

Furthermore, according to the bullshit clipping my parents forwarded to me, the police had been “tipped off” about “plans” by groups of asylum seekers to sexually harass women, presumably as molestation mobs. Which, obviously, didn’t actually happen.

The idea of groups of refugees making some sort of flash-mob-esque plan to “harass” women is patently ludicrous. It was amazing enough that a few of them were outside in the freezing weather we had over the new year period, let alone arranging mob-molestations together. Because the first thing these guys want to do after enduring the hardships of immigration is grab a coordinated group-handful of white-girl boob.

Yes, that was a fucking ludicrous image. The unquestioning, uncritical immediacy with which this image was accepted by some people, however, is nothing short of scary.

Of course, this isn’t to say nothing happened, and we should all turn a blind eye. Men say disgusting things to women, and grope women, and rape women[4]. Shit, it happens all the time, and it’s a disgusting crime. Before Finland became as multicultural as it is now, it was generally Finnish men raping Finnish women. Now, as the population gains a percentage of foreigners, some of those foreigners are going to be doing this shit. And they need to be locked the fuck up when they do.

[4] And yes, women do the same to men.

That’s the actual response that needs to happen as a result of the issue, but that’s not the actual problem with this case. Because if it was just a matter of women being harassed by men, the solution would be clear and this would be a non-news event. Criminal commits crime, gets locked the fuck up. Dog bites man.

The problem is that Ilkka Koskimäki said the thing.

He said flat-out that this hasn’t happened before. Which even without any sort of data, I know is a lie. No, it’s more than a lie. It’s utter, blatant, society-destroying, toxic hatemongering.

My initial reaction was to scoff and say, “no way did the thing get said. I’m pretty sure Ilkka Koskimäki isn’t actually a real person. If this had happened, all the bigots on my Facebook feed would have been howling about the immigrants coming over here and copping our feels by now.”

Within twelve hours, however, I was proved wrong. Ilkka Koskimäki had said the thing, and my Facebook feed was howling. But not with the bigots[5]. It was howling with the outrage and disbelief of the general public, who are even now not used to their public servants saying such utterly evil things[6]. The majority of the outrage, rightly enough, was from Finnish women who have apparently missed the memo about being safe from wandering hands, sleazy remarks, and having the shit raped out of them between 15,000 B.C. and 2015 A.D., which was when 32,000 mob-molesting refugees arrived on our fair shores. At which point it suddenly became unsafe.

[5] Well, not beyond their usual background monosyllabic moron-grumble, anyway. It’s like Internet white noise.

[6] Indeed, the general reaction seems to just be a vast collective stare of disbelief from the sane Finnish population. I don’t know what expressions are on the faces of the rest, because they’re hidden by white pillowcases. But the general response from that quarter seems to be “yeah, grr, foreigners, kick them back to wherever they came from, nobody ever got raped here until foreigners showed up.”

I can’t even (literally), so here is the follow-up interview where Ilkka was – with a generosity I would not personally have extended – given the opportunity to uncunt. And opted to not take that opportunity.

“Mikä on uutta ja mistä se johtuu?”

“– Uutta on, että naisiin kohdistuu enemmän seksuaalista ahdistelua, johon liittyy seurantaa, eli kaverit lähtevät seuraamaan naisia, käyvät käsiksi ja suutelevat väkisin ja tekevät pahimmassa tapauksessa vakavia tekoja, mistä on tuomioitakin tullut.”


What’s new about this and where did it come from?

What’s new is that women are being harassed more, when they join a group, meaning men follow women, touching them and kissing them by force, along with other worse assaults…

Yes, that much is new, as a specific and labelled criminal act, because this is a new law. Before 2014, it wasn’t even illegal for men to pester women this way, because women should learn to like it, right? They should be flattered. Stuck-up bitches.

Okay, I’m being snide … but fuck it all.

Onhan Koskimäki sikäli oikeassa, että seksuaalinen ahdistelu on uusi rikosnimike. Se otetiin rikoslakiin vasta vuonna 2014 ja lain 20 luvun 5a § sanoo siitä näin:

Joka koskettelemalla tekee toiselle seksuaalisen teon, joka on omiaan loukkaamaan tämän seksuaalista itsemääräämisoikeutta, on tuomittava, jollei teosta muualla tässä luvussa säädetä rangaistusta, seksuaalisesta ahdistelusta sakkoon tai vankeuteen enintään kuudeksi kuukaudeksi.

Seksuaalinen ahdistelu on siis rikoksena uusi, mutta tekona vanhaa perua.

In short, sexual harassment is a new crime, but it’s not a new act. And it’s certainly not something we can lay at the feet of immigrants. Maybe Koskimäki was playing the interpretation game, and letting two unrelated statements create a causation clause in the public’s mind?


“Väitättekö, että näitä ei ole tapahtunut aikaisemmin ja tämä on uusi ilmiö?”

“– Se on uusi ilmiö, että ulkomaalaiset tekevät näitä. Kyllä se on täysin uusi ilmiö. Ei meillä ole tällaista ilmiötä aikaisemmin ollut.”


Are you saying these things didn’t happen before, that this is a new phenomenon?

It’s a new phenomenon, that foreigners are doing these things. Yes. We haven’t had these reports before.

Okay, so for a start, we’re not getting these reports now, either. We have some cops, and specifically just Koskimäki, saying this shit is happening, but nobody actually on the ground saying so. And no women reporting it either.

And again, yes – it might be new in terms of the demographics involved. Maybe. But if you try telling me Finnish men don’t get vocally aggressive, hands-on inappropriate and occasionally just turn into pack-raping animals, you are delusional. And you ought to thank me for using the nicest of many, many words I could have just used for what you actually are.

Now I feel I should say this again, for the crying Not Racist Butts[7]: I am not suggesting sexual harassment, sexual assaults and rapes are not happening. Far from it. I’m sure people are being groped, called ugly names, and forced into having sex against their wills. I’m sure there are non-citizens of various origins guilty of these crimes. Lock them all up, as far as I’m concerned. Fucking castrate them with a pair of half-bricks, as far as I’m concerned[8]. In fact, when it comes to refugees committing rape, by all means let’s send them back to their burning death-hole if we can prove their guilt. But if we do that, we sure as shit better also be gulaging Finns who are guilty of these crimes. Or just plain shooting them in the face and dumping them in a landfill. I have no objection to this.

[7] And again, I am being way too nice to them. They ought to thank me.

[8] Assuming they’re men. As mentioned (for the Not Sexist Butts), women can also be guilty of sex crimes.

Finnish men – and Finnish women – are no more or less evil than any other human beings, and they commit crimes. This is nothing new.

“Eli väitättekö, että esimerkiksi suomalaiset miehet eivät ole tällaista aikaisemmin tehneet?”

– Meillä on asianomistajat näissä kaikissa törkeissä raiskaustapauksissa kuvailleet kaikki tekijät ulkomaalaisiksi. Se on faktaa, mistä kerrottiin jo silloin tiedotustilaisuudessa. Se on huolestuttavaa. Toivon, että ei tulisi mitään ristiriitaa, vaan meidän tarkoitus on vain tuoda ne faktat esille, emme ota kantaa mihinkään. Meidän on vain huolehdittava kaupungin turvallisuudesta, ja kerrottava ihmisille asiat niin kuin ne ovat.”


So you’re saying that, for example, Finnish men haven’t been guilty of these acts in the past?

We have … [evidence of responsibility?] that all of these acts were committed by foreigners. It is a fact that I related at the last briefing. It is worrying. I hope it doesn’t precipitate things, our intention is just to present the facts, without prejudice. Our only concern is civic safety, and we have to relate information as it stands.

This is where I really hope my translation is bad. Because it’s, you know, a lie.

“Miesjoukon lisäksi lavan edessä oli kuitenkin nuoria, teini-ikäisiä tyttöjä. Heistä kaksi tai kolme jäi konsertin jälkeen paikalle ja näytti kalpeilta ja järkyttyneiltä. Heitä oli ilmeisesti ahdisteltu, työnnetty kättä haaroväliin ja rintoihin.

“Lisäksi oli yksi, arviolta 14-vuotias tyttö, joka oli yksin ison miesjoukon keskellä. Hänet järjestyksenvalvojat siirsivät sivuun tilanteesta hänen oman turvallisuutensa takia. Tyttö itse olisi mielellään jäänyt”, Ketonen kertoo.”

Above: The security head at Senaatintori, Ville Ketonen, reports what seems to have actually happened on new year’s eve. Specifically, there was a big crowd and no sexual incidents that the on-the-scene security detail[9] noticed. They followed the situation in the Senate square closely, and nothing untoward occurred. There were a thousand-odd people in the square, including a few hundred refugees. In front of the stage were 30-50 men in a group (ethnicity not clarified, but sure, let’s assume “foreign”) that got a bit ‘restless’. There was some shoving and mouthing off, but nothing bad enough to have the guys forcibly ejected from the square.

[9] Also known as the ones from whom Ilkka claimed to have heard the thing.

Now, should they have been booted? Maybe. If we’re talking sexual harassment and assault that is normally tolerated by the Good Ole Boys of Finnish law enforcement, sure. Boot them all, regardless of skin colour. Also, half-bricks. Gonads. Whatever. This doesn’t seem to have been serious enough to qualify. And this is what we know.

Ketonen also says they kept a particularly close eye on the group, which also seems professional and sensible, but that they didn’t seem “harassey”. There were young teen girls in the crowd. After the concert two or three of these remained behind and seemed shaken. They’d apparently been harassed, pawed, boob-grabbed. Which is shitty and I want those responsible to be charged. Absolutely.

There was also a lone girl of about fourteen years of age who was alone in the middle of the big group of men. Security escorted her to the edge of the crowd for her own safety, but she seemed happy and it appeared as though she would have been happy enough to stay where she’d been. Which doesn’t sound all that horrifying.

All in all, a normal new year’s eve. Ketonen says he was confused when he heard Ilkka say the thing. Which is understandable, because I’m also confused that Ilkka said the thing.

“Itse vähän hämmästyin siitä poliisin lausunnosta. Minun tietooni ei ole tullut laajamittaista ahdistelua. En voisi mennä oikeuteen sanomaan, että sellaista on ollut.”

I’m a little shocked at the police statement. To my knowledge there was no widespread harassment. I couldn’t go [on the record? Testify in court?] and say there was any.

Ketonen did mention that it was unusual for group-harassment to happen[10], but I think “group harassment” is one thing and “taking advantage of a huge group to cop a feel” is another. And I don’t think the latter is anything even remotely new. And it doesn’t seem as though there is any evidence of anything but the latter happening.

[10] “Kyseessä oli selvästi porukka eikä irralliset yksittäistapaukset. Aiemmin olen törmännyt senkaltaiseen limudiskoissa, jossa on koolla 13–17 -kesäisistä pojista koostuvia porukoita. Nyt uutta oli se, että kyseessä olivat aikuiset miehet.” This was a group-case and not an isolated incident. Earlier, I’ve encountered incidents at underage events, where a group of 13-to-17-year-old boys act up. Now we’re talking about grown men, which is new. Yeah. Or, you know, those young Finnish lads are now all grown up, and think this shit is okay because boys will be boys.

So why did Ilkka say the thing?

Well, could be because he’s a pathetic attention-whore. There’s always that. I watched the police statement video and he really did seem to want that spotlight. But let’s pretend there is another explanation, and it’s not as simple as “Ilkka said the thing because of massive brain damage” or “Ilkka said the thing because he somehow has no females in his family and has never met one outside of the porno movies he likes to watch.”

No. This – at best – comes across as just another sad, sad case of Finland “me too”-ing other places in Europe in a desperate, misplaced bid for attention and camaraderie. Finland is the unpopular kid in school who does obnoxious, dickish things because the popular kids do them, and it always ends up going badly.  And this travesty is no exception, because the fucking xenophobe party got involved.

The whole situation is extremely suspect. There’s something really weird going on with how the police handled and responded to the whole thing, and I have no doubt it is down to the True Finn agenda playing its part. A week ago, as dispirited as I was about the growing hatred of foreigners in this country[11], I would have said that was conspiracy theory bullshit. But how does somebody in authority even start to make a statement like this? He hasn’t explained himself. He hasn’t explained why he said the thing. He’s straight-up said that the harassment of women is a new phenomenon in Finland. New, since the refugees arrived.

[11] Yeah, makes me feel great when my so-called friends and family talk about the threat of foreigners. I’m a foreigner, you arseholes. Oh, you can compartmentalise good foreigners from bad ones, and I’m a good one? That’s so brilliant! How are you doing that exactly? No, don’t tell me, I don’t actually want to hear the answer. It’s probably the same way you compartmentalise good rapists from bad ones.

I can assure you, even a white cis male like me knows it is not a new thing. A lot of it happens with the benefit of alcohol, which is at least something you’re not going to be able to lay at the feet of our new Muslim countrymen.

I’m sorry. I know this is a lot of words. I’m just angry about this.

See, I could almost understand Ilkka saying the thing – almost – if Ilkka had meant that sexual assault and harassment were a new phenomenon from this specific source. Because yes, there hasn’t been this number and concentration of men from this specific demographic in Finland before. Even one case of shitty behaviour from one refugee would be new.

But Ilkka, there are 32,000 refugees. You said that yourself, in the process of saying the thing. How many of them are committing mob-molestation? Because at the moment, it seems to be pretty close to zero.

So why, at the risk of repeating myself, did you say the thing?

Finnish ladies, Finnish blokes, tell me I’m wrong. Tell me I’m out of line and am barking up the wrong tree. It’s way less effort for me not to bark. Just say the word.

I, unlike Ilkka, am perfectly willing and able to stop saying the thing.

On top of this, we have the Sons of Odin. But I don’t have the energy for that shit today.

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20 Responses to Ilkka said the thing

  1. This isn’t really a correction, but, about that part you’re hoping you mistranslated?
    “Meillä on asianomistajat näissä kaikissa törkeissä raiskaustapauksissa kuvailleet kaikki tekijät ulkomaalaisiksi.”

    I’d translate, “All the people who’ve reported these heinous rapes[*] have said that the perpetrators were foreigners.”

    [*] I believe he means to use the word “törkeä” here in reference to the legal term “törkeä rikos”, which means a crime which is classified under the law worse than average. Never done legalese translations and am not an expert on law, so I’m not sure what the appropriate translation would be, or if one exists; I’m assuming it’s dependent on the legal system in question. Let’s just say that he means to stress the heinousness of the crime, as though it’s somehow worse than average.

    He seems to be talking about a specific set of crimes, and I’m not sure what specific set he means. All “really heinous” ones reported since the dawn of time? Or just the fourteen that were mentioned in the police statement last December, like the article claims:

    “Koskimäki viittaa Helsingin poliisin joulukuiseen tiedotustilaisuuteen, jossa kerrottiin, että julkisilla paikoilla Helsingissä tapahtui viime vuonna 14 raiskausta, kun vuonna 2014 niitä oli 9. Osa jutuista on selvittämättä. Poliisin mukaan lähes kaikki uhrit ovat kertoneet tekijöiden olevan ulkomaalaistaustaisia, mutta eivät välttämättä turvapaikanhakijoita.”

    “Koskimäki is referring to the press conference by the Helsinki Police in December, in which the police stated that in public locations in Helsinki, there were 14 rapes last year, when in year 2014 there were 9. Some of the cases are still unsolved. According to the police, almost all the victims have reported that the perpetrators were foreigners, but not necessarily refugees.”

    I’m not sure what to take from this. For starters, I don’t really see how one rape is less or more heinous than another. How is it worse to be raped in a public place than in your own home, for example? Getting raped in your home would be deeply traumatising. The offender has invaded not only your physical space and your body but also the one place in which you thought you would be safe. Everything in your home might end up reminding you about what happened.

    Snarkily, I might wonder whether the good officer thinks that it is the colour of the perp’s skin that makes the difference. Or perhaps it’s which God they hail — does that mean that a rape by an atheist by definition is but a minor offense?

    I’m splitting hairs and he is probably only slipping out pseudo-legalese jargon, but this thing pisses me off. It’s a bunch of bull, for all the reasons you discussed in your post. I’ve got really nothing of worth to add, because…

    “Indeed, the general reaction seems to just be a vast collective stare of disbelief from the sane Finnish population. I don’t know what expressions are on the faces of the rest, because they’re hidden by white pillowcases.”

    Personally, I’m somewhere in between these two reactions. I keep wishing I’ll wake up and find all this has been nothing but a bad dream.

    • Oh, about being in between the two reactions, I meant that I’m somewhere in between staring in disbelief and burying my face into my pillow. In hindsight, I realised that by the rest, you meant crazies inside the white hoods as the opposite to the sane population. 😛

    • stchucky says:

      I appreciate the clarification! I missed that part about the reported rapes (14 vs. 9), since I was focussing specifically on the mob-molestation that apparently echoed the events in Germany, and the seeming complete lack of cases here in Finland. I suppose I thought the three cases (two of which were actually registered as assaults) were what he was talking about, over the new year period. If indeed he was also talking about a spike in rapes in the past year, I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and say that he was probably talking about the rapes as heinous, as opposed to the harassment (lewd speak, groping, kissing), which I suppose you’d have to say is a lesser offense, although still vile.

      His statements made no mention of comparison between pre-immigrant rapes and post-refugee-crisis rapes, though. His statements made it pretty clear that this shit only started when the refugees arrived.

      So, what? Those 9 the previous year, they were probably lying bitches trying to wreck men’s lives, right? And all 14 this year, they were Syrians.

      I can’t begin to say how dubious I am about “every reported rape was committed by a foreigner”, though. Because that means we went from n Finn-on-Finn rapes reported annually to zero, and 14 foreigner-on-Finn rapes. Which, if that was true, would be … I don’t know. It would be madness. It would mean all the Finnish rapists were too busy washing their bedclothes to go raping. The white supremacists would finally have a point about foreigners coming over here and stealing their jobs.

      • There is no way there were zero Finn-on-Finn rapes in public places before. Rape as a phenomenon — any type of rape — is NOT an imported phenomenon in Finland. Harassment is not an imported phenomenon. It’s just wrong to suggest anything else. Finn-on-Finn rape is nothing new, including rape in public places. And if we’re talking about numbers like nine versus fourteen in the space of a single year… you can’t even call that a trend yet.

        Whenever somebody throws around these kind of statements, I want to see some well-researched statistics to back them up. And not just numbers, but context and analysis. I have trouble trusting any statistic that lumps all foreigners together as though they all represent the same demographic. Even born-and-bred Finns come from many different backgrounds, so grouping them all under the same label is problematic. I want to see more asking questions and less flailing. I want people asking, what sort of conclusions can we really make by comparing reported rapes? How about the ones that never get reported? For example, there’s a lower threshold for reporting a rape committed by a stranger than for reporting one committed by a family member.

        Anyway, I’m pretty disappointed in Koskimäki. I’m still not clear on what he was actually trying to say, but his argumentation is circular, and it sounds like he’s either giving false information, or trying to present the information in a misleading way. Unless the media is twisting his words — I trust the reporters of Iltasanomat about as far as I can throw them — but it does sound like he just wanted to stir up some trouble, get his name in the papers, or work some super strange angle of some super strange master plan[*].

        [*] Maybe it’s cats! 😀

      • stchucky says:

        Exactly, this is always where I end up when arguments like this come out. Okay, say a couple of hundred of the 30,000 refugees we have are mob-molesters (I’d call that a statistical outlier that should please all but the most bigoted people). What do we do about them that we don’t already do about Finnish mob-molesters? Nothing, right? We catch them, charge them, and sentence them. I think I read that six months’ jail was the general sentence for aggravated feel-copping (sorry to make light, it’s just my way of adding sparkle to so many words). And if we pursue that for refugee mob-molesters, we have to do the same for native mob-molesters. Because if we’re going to have one punishment for one group and another response for another group, we don’t get to call ourselves a proper society anymore.

        And writing this comment on my non-spell-checking WordPress for Windows app has shown me just how easy it is to accuse refugees of being mob-moleaters.

      • stchucky says:

        Comin’ over here, eatin’ our moles…

      • I should learn to use the Reader when commenting. Apparently, the comment Reply shows up here in the correct place.

    • aaronthepatriot says:

      To add to this discussion a bit, I have to say that going from 9 reported rapes to 14 is not necessarily statistically significant. On the one hand, it’s like ZOMG 50% more rapey this year, WTF! On the other hand, the numbers are so low, it’s just as valid to say “only” 5 more rapes this year. I mean, think about it, even ONE more rape is an ELEVEN percent increase!!!! And I’d like to see 2013, 2012, 2011 etc. before I make any conclusions about those numbers. 2015 could have been a more rapey year because it was a shittier year all-around. I seem to recall it being worse than 2014 in a few ways, from my perspective at least. Not to try and parse that…just another potential factor.

      And holy shit, enough with the foreigners telling people how things are in the country of the very people being told by the foreigners! That was needlessly complex. Hmm. An example is better, to illustrate what I mean.

      I follow news like this around the world, and I do talk about it, but if I heard a report of something in Finland, I’d ask Hatboy IF it were true, instead of TELLING him it was true and what he should do about it. I’ve done it before, remember the studded snow tires usage I asked you about, Hatboy?

      Similarly there’s a German guy in the guild I’m in, in one of my games. I didn’t TELL him how things were in Germany, I ASKED him what his take on things was.

      Because, you know, I’m not fucking there, American news is shit, and politicians lie. Just sayin.

      • I agree that a change within the span of a single year from 9 to 14 is hardly a trend yet. Though, population size probably matters in how people experience and conceptualise numbers like these. Here in Finland, population is tiny. I figure that it might make small fluctuations in numbers feel like a big deal.

      • aaronthepatriot says:

        To be certain, from one year to the next, small changes in small numbers in a small population can be seen as alarming by that population. I do get it. I’m just saying, they probably shouldn’t.

      • stchucky says:

        To add to this discussion a bit, I have to say that going from 9 reported rapes to 14 is not necessarily statistically significant. On the one hand, it’s like ZOMG 50% more rapey this year, WTF! On the other hand, the numbers are so low, it’s just as valid to say “only” 5 more rapes this year. I mean, think about it, even ONE more rape is an ELEVEN percent increase!!!! And I’d like to see 2013, 2012, 2011 etc. before I make any conclusions about those numbers.

        You’re exactly right. It’s a leap, but statistics are just one set of facts and this one smacks of a lazy soundbite to justify fearmongering. And the “every victim reports that it was a foreigner” one – that can’t possibly be anything but selective sampling to an absurd, outright lying degree.

        But I keep coming back to “…and what are we going to do about it? Oh right. Catch rapists and lock them the fuck up.”

        There are places in Helsinki I would be super-worried about Mrs. Hatboy going alone. This is as true in 2016 as it was in 2001. Which sort of brings me back to my preachy First Feast scene: this is how cautious to be. When there are this many foreigners in the population, I’m this cautious because of crazy fucks. When there are this many foreigners, I am the same amount cautious because the only crazy fuck you need to worry about is the one who is going to attack you.

        That recommended caution level might seem to increase as the population (of implied crazy fucks) increases, but that’s an illusion. There are so many other elements. So there were (at the utter racist extreme) 14 rapists added to the population? Okay. There were also 31,986 people who might help save you from a rapist added to the population.

        Getting more worried due to perceived threats might make sense on some levels. But the logical extension of that is getting less worried when you don’t perceive a threat, which is why Finns raping Finns and domestic rape is a thing and the cops turn a blind eye to it.

        2015 could have been a more rapey year because it was a shittier year all-around. I seem to recall it being worse than 2014 in a few ways, from my perspective at least. Not to try and parse that…just another potential factor.

        Absolutely. There was the Nokia collapse (okay, technically buy-out, but potato/potahto) that put thousands of people out of work. The economy is still in recession. Russia is flexing its bitch-tits and there actually appears to still be some muscle under the old-bear flab. Things are shitty.

        And I can’t stress it enough, adding a decent-sized football-stadium’s-worth of homeless, disenfranchised, desperately unhappy and war-ravaged people to a chubby, complacent, decadent population that shows them a whole lot of hostility and mistrust … yeah, that will cause unpleasantness. Shit, a football-stadium’s-worth of ordinary football fans can royally fuck up a city of millions of people, and there are barely millions of people in the whole of Finland.

        I’m not here to say there aren’t bad things happening. I’m saying that one can’t just say “it happened since these guys turned up” and then look innocent as if one is not suggesting we ethnically fucking cleanse the whole lot of them out of our society. Because that’s what one is saying.

        And one is the deputy chief of police!

        And holy shit, enough with the foreigners telling people how things are in the country of the very people being told by the foreigners! That was needlessly complex. Hmm. An example is better, to illustrate what I mean.

        I follow news like this around the world, and I do talk about it, but if I heard a report of something in Finland, I’d ask Hatboy IF it were true, instead of TELLING him it was true and what he should do about it. I’ve done it before, remember the studded snow tires usage I asked you about, Hatboy?

        Exactly, and good point again. Yeah, I remember. And yeah, it seems like the logical course. I know that whenever I hear about bad shit happening somewhere, I do my best to ask someone as close to on-the-scene as possible.

        But that is twenty-teen Generation-X-and-later thinking. We live in an age of information and communication that the preceding generation will die before ever understanding. Even we don’t understand it to the degree our children (hopefully) will. Look at the mistakes we’re making. We can’t hold our parents to the same standard. Which is why I tried to make it clear that my parents’ commentary was just an intro, making me aware of the whole disgusting non-situation. In a way, it took their panic to make me even realise this was a thing.

        And then, in the course of a lazy morning of clicking links, I put the whole thing to rest. I mean, look at that terrifying news clipping! The Internet showed me just how massively off-reservation that shit was. And I’m not even particularly net-savvy, as you know. That’s the sort of information-access I’m talking about. There’s no excuse for ignorance anymore, except age. And (most of) the old are not going to become less ignorant, not anymore. The only way forward is for the old to die off, which sort of comes naturally to them.

        It still doesn’t change the fact that my parents should do a bit more critical thinking and a lot less prejudice-reaffirming assumption. I agree. The sad and scary fact is that this is just a tiny, tiny example of what is happening every day, all over the world, on a grand scale. Everyone is being misinformed and led to the poison trough by the government-run media with their agendas of war and divisiveness. This serves them.

        Similarly there’s a German guy in the guild I’m in, in one of my games. I didn’t TELL him how things were in Germany, I ASKED him what his take on things was.

        Precisely, and this is why – argue though we do – I will always respect you.

        You know, except for the occasional teasing.

      • aaronthepatriot says:

        Swamped again, just gotta pluswon. Also, sing “And I will always respect[1] you” to the tune of, well, you can guess. LOL

        [1] pronounced ‘spect to make the syllables work.

  2. YES.

    To make some more light of it, heh, as much as I might find some twisted entertainment in watching the law enforcement trying to herd together and deport all the feel-copping offenders (including the Finns), we’ve nowhere to send them. I hear that the British used to send their criminals over to that over-sized island on the other side of the planet a long time ago for a similar purpose 😉 but even if Finland could afford to buy a penal colony, I think there aren’t any places like that available for purchase. I guess we have no choice but to keep dealing with them here at home.

    Also, WordPress comment nesting confuses me, so I’ll just leave this here and hope that it ends up somewhere close by to the comment to which I meant to reply.

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