Christmas Artworks

This Christmas, not only did Wump help out with the Christmas card selection…

card_elsa (10)

Including this masterpiece for her cousin, a “six-eyed, three-mouthed robot with four arms and four legs and two bodies…”

…but Toop also got in on the act. Her patented meticulous scribbles, with a little well-intentioned interpretation and decoration from me, made an effortless and often thought-provoking series of cards to send to the family this year.

card_freja (9)

Also occasionally surreal.

card_freja (5)

The above required no clarification.

card_freja (2)

Nor did this.

card_freja (8)

Some, of course, were a little more abstract.

card_freja (3)

I’m not sure what the airborne piece is supposed to represent. The fleeting nature of material possessions, perhaps.

card_freja (4)

My clear favourite. LOOK AT IT.

card_freja (1)

This one, on the other hand, should become an emoji.
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10 Responses to Christmas Artworks

  1. aaronthepatriot says:

    “six-eyed, three-mouthed robot with four arms and four legs and two bodies…”

    This reporter places the blame squarely on YOU, the FATHER. LOL clearly a Molranid-ish robot.

    Freja’s are SO adorable, and yes, surreal at times. I was going to deduct points for your not making a penis out of ANY of them when you enhanced them, but then I squinted just right and found that you had. Intent be damned, I found one!

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