Annual Report 2015

I’ll be getting back to The First Feast momentarily, but for now it’s time for The Annual Report.

I see I didn’t quite manage to post every day. There was the long summer break, obviously, but then also a few random days. A lot of these days-off were preceded directly by double-post days, however, so I suspect most of these were just timezone fuckarounds.

The First Feast’s hilarious God Debate earned me a lot of comments for no good reason, and it was closely followed by the Star Wars discussion I was unable to take part in all that much because Blogopalypse. I may come back to that debate but it seems to have run its course.

Also amusing to see that people still find their way to the Hatstand from, most likely because of that Frozen thing I posted one time.

Aaron and dreameling were neck and neck for most comments, but even if dreameling had managed to keep his handles together he would still have been almost a hundred comments behind the Patriot.

I’m sorry my own comment-count isn’t included here. I totally would have whipped you all.

That’s it for now. Carry on.

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24 Responses to Annual Report 2015

  1. dreameling says:

    It’s the same bloody handle. But sometimes I first log in (using my handle) and then reply, while at other times I log in as part of the reply action (using my email address), so perhaps it’s counting those separately. Stupid WordPress.

    Where did Aaron find the time to post 409 friggin replies?

    Are where did you find the time to write 328 new posts?

    Seems you’re going to hit your 1000th post this year. Whoa.

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