[ITERATION OMEGA] The Burning Blog

Lo, and then Christmas day dawnèd, and the people saw that there was an “è” in the word, and they did wail and weep, for thus it was that they did realise that shit had indeed gotten real.

And yea, so it was truly the end of days, and the blog did burn.

To understand the end, you must return to the beginning.

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10 Responses to [ITERATION OMEGA] The Burning Blog

  1. dreameling says:

    Dude, that was brilliant. Like a little hypertext short story experiment. Also disorienting as hell.

    “I was born ready.”

  2. I can’t stop hearing something like “dawn-eed” in my head.

  3. Zeegon says:

    Burning Knight noddyheadjust fell over from the emergency all-stop, but Janitorial Drone 17 has been notified of my workspace changes, Boonie is freshly hydrated, and i am ready to plot our course. Even if it IS back into the f”#%¤ Bunzolobe. Please don’t be the Bunzolobe.

  4. And thus it came to pass, on the last day of the year, that the Cat Protocol returned to the end of the trippy time-travelling trip in order to save the world.

    More importantly, here’s a quick sketch of a cat and an oddly shaped potato.

    (Mind you, I’ve never inserted an image in a wordpress blog comment so I’m not sure if that shows up the way it should.)

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