Interlude: Yet another interlude!

Day 64. 237 pages, 113,023 words. Finished.

Okay, I was distracted by Star Wars yesterday and didn’t get much written. Sue me.

Here’s the final graph for Blaran.

metrics (14)

Slightly longer than Fergunakil, but hopefully the series is still remaining more or less consistent rather than ballooning in size with each new instalment.

I once again came in a few days before my arbitrary deadline, which was nice to see. There wasn’t any jump to the final word-count this time, possibly because I had written the final chapters a little bit at a time over the preceding days and didn’t just slap them in at the end.

The cover is under planning and the draft proofs are now in production at CreateSpace. I’m really excited about how y’all’re going to like this one. It was a lot of fun and has a few elements I have been planning – and had actually written out – a long time in advance.

Off to company pikkujoulu soon. Nothing much else I have time or energy for today.


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