Interlude: Friday, sometime in the … wait a minute …

Day 50. 170 pages, 79,660 words.

Today’s non-post is brought to you by my decision to prioritise the book.

Sorry about that.

But I’ve written a ton, and it’s all going nicely. It will be divided into three parts, as I think I’ve already mentioned, and now I am cracking into the third part. There will be 5-10 chapters in it. Part One has 7 chapters (8 including Prologue), Part Two has 9, so Part Three should have 7 or 8. But I haven’t decided yet. It may end up being a shorter and more explosive ending sequence, just like the rest of the books had.

I just went for a horrible walk in the driving rain to Hakunila, but at least an idea for the Epilogue chapter just hit me. Oooh, it’s awful. I can’t wait to get it all down.

Probably time to start thinking about the cover.

Been a busy week. We have a beer tasting at Bar Äijä’s tonight (a professional for-realsies actual one, not just a bunch of people sitting aruond drinking beer), and then tomorrow it’s off to the Fahrenheit residence with Wump to watch some Star Wars.

Not sure what I’ll manage to get written this weekend, on the blog or indeed anywhere. Let’s see.

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One Response to Interlude: Friday, sometime in the … wait a minute …

  1. aaronthepatriot says:

    Can’t wait. And damn, visiting you plus a professional beer tasting? You should have told me, I might have been willing to pay the round trip flight price for that! LOL

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