Interlude: Lucky 900

Day 44. 142 pages, 65,091 words.

I regret that I have nothing particularly special planned for this historical event. Nine hundred blog posts. The Hatstand doesn’t look a day over seven hundred, if you ask me.

Today, appropriately enough, we’re holding another party at Bar Äijä’s, this time to celebrate the release[1] of Fergunakil. It should be fun. I keep trying to pare the revelries down, since we have one of these things every three or four months lately and we’re only halfway through the series, but this time my dear friends and family will be bringing most of the supplies so at least it ought to be cheap.

[1] Yes, it was a few weeks ago … but I have a quiz, so I needed to give people time to order and read the book. Not that many people do, by release-party time. Only the happy few who are serious about winning the quiz. And they’re going to want to win this one, because the prize is a doozy.

Anyway, it should be fun, but it leaves me without much time to do anything but attempt to clean up this pigsty. Work is also getting busy again, which is good and bad.

So, today you can just take a look at the latest metrics…

metrics (12)

Here they are.

…and enjoy this animated gif of Deadpool giving Conan O’Brien a massage using panda tears as oil…

deadpool (19)

Here it is.

…and hoist a virtual glass to the next nine hundred posts!

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