Semi-Interlude: What You May Have Missed

Day 37. 123 pages, 54,819 words. Suspecting a flatline this weekend, but hopefully a jump on Monday.

It’s Christmas time, so this seemed like a good opportunity to hit you all with some Easter eggs. So. Here is a little run-down on some of the things you may have missed (let’s not kid ourselves – have probably missed) in my Great and Unfolding Work.

Far-future Australia, Gundabaal, is nicknamed The Underbowl by the Zealant Empire. This is not just because Gundabaal and Underbowl sound a little bit the same if you say them in the right accent, it’s also a reference to a famous – or infamous – Australia vs. New Zealand cricket match in which the Australian Captain instructed his brother to bowl the last pitch underarm (yes, this actually has a Wikipedia entry[1]). It was technically legal, but it stopped the New Zealand batters from getting a good swing at the ball. While they may not have had a great chance at hitting the requisite 6 (that’s when you hit the ball all the way out to the boundary without it bouncing) to win (or more accurately tie, now I have done my research[2]), getting the ball rolled to you underarm along the ground makes it functionally impossible. It was exceedingly unsporting, the very definition of not cricket, although as I sayit was apparently a legal move at the time[3]. I am left with the question of why they don’t all bowl underarm, all the time. I guess that’s why I’m not a cricketer. But bam, suck on it, in your face Australian sport.

[1] And a really oddly interesting one. Cricket is such a big deal between Australia and New Zealand, this whole thing set brother against brother (literally: “As the ball was being bowled, Ian Chappell {older brother of [Captain] Greg and [bowler] Trevor, and a former Australian captain}, who was commentating on the match, was heard to call out ‘No, Greg, no, you can’t do that’ in an instinctive reaction to the incident, and he remained critical in a later newspaper article on the incident.”), and the Prime Ministers of both countries actually spoke out about it: “After the incident, the then Prime Minister of New Zealand, Robert Muldoon, described it as ‘the most disgusting incident I can recall in the history of cricket’, going on to say that ‘it was an act of true cowardice and I consider it appropriate that the Australian team were wearing yellow’. [fucking burn! – Ed] Even the Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Fraser, called the act ‘contrary to the traditions of the game’.” And in possibly the most British thing that has ever happened, allegedly at the end of the match there was silence in the Australian locker room, until one of the players smashed a teacup. I’m not even kidding.

[2] Before actually looking up the details, I just knew about this incident as something I had absorbed through my childhood without even realising it. Weird stuff.

[3] It isn’t anymore, because of this incident. I couldn’t possibly give less of a fuck, although it was interesting to read about. If I have somehow related an interesting cultural fact about cricket, let that be the thing I achieve for today.

Speaking of cricket, I think I already mentioned where the name Boonie comes from. What you may have missed is that it’s a recurring name in the future history of the human race. Yes, I am doing my part to ensure that Boonie becomes a folk hero.

Oh, and all the names for far-future Australia – Gundabaal, Old Meganesia, Oceaaña – are in fact variations of names for the Australian and Southeast Asian region. With one exception: The Dai’Gaji Territories, one of its oldest names, is a bit of faux-future-Japanese, referencing an earlier point in Gundabaal’s history when the area was ruled by a Japanese Empire. The root is daigaijin. Which I mashed together from gaijin (foreigner / outside person / non-Japanese) and daikaiju (giant monster, as we all know). So Dai’Gaji is literally The Land of Giant Foreigners. Boom.

Out of interest, did you know that the word gaisha means foreign car? Not to be confused with geisha

You probably haven’t missed the mentions of Jalah, Mygon and Ildar, the Pinian God and Disciples and other various throw-away lines that have been mentioned in the series. You may or may not be putting the pieces together on it, but it’s not super-important.

Þurs is Old Norse. It means ogre. Yes, Þurs as in Þursheim, which I believe was mentioned early in the series as having been founded by Ogres, or with their help, before the humans killed them all. And there was even a reflection that the Ogres of legend and the aki’Drednanth of the Six Species might have been the same, or similar species. So don’t be saying this shit came out of nowhere, bitches.

Gífr, incidentally, as in Gífrheim, means troll in Old Norse. Not sure if there are Trolls. A mix of fact and myth is more powerful anyway.

Mer is a Xidh letter previously described in the Merdokk Industries logo. Taken singly, it means the all-seeing or the machine. I have pointed this out before, but since then I actually introduced Mer, the machine mind. Did you notice? Did you fuck.

Massington Karturi. You’ve missed him. Totally. Screw you, I’m not even giving you clues on this guy.

The head of the Molran Fleet Council of Captains is Gadrion Aran Char. I don’t know how or why yet, but I have a feeling this might begin to explain why Rakmanmorion called Molranoids “chary folk”. Or it might just be a coincidence.

Orael Systems Ratified Artificial Intelligence, the Earth iteration of Mer the machine mind (the synth), may not be familiar to you … but Orael is a name that has been mentioned in The Final Fall of Man series. Oh yeah, that shit’s relevant, dog.

Oh, and the Christmas Ablogalypse. You’ve all missed it. I’m considering revoking your “smart and observant” cards and I definitely boast about you less, recently. Boy, I’m glad I don’t have dumb friends.


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11 Responses to Semi-Interlude: What You May Have Missed

  1. dreameling says:

    The bane of an author: Nobody will ever be as familiar with, as interested in, or as invested in the worlds and characters you create as you are, or get them as fully as you do.


    • stchucky says:

      I guess you’re right. I’m not really mad, of course, just wanting to show off some of the effort I’ve put in and dressing it up as a rant. I hope it was still entertaining.

      This weekend’s got me down.

      • dreameling says:

        No, no, I got the rant dressing. I’ve been missing all sorts of stuff in every book thus far, and I’ve yet to see you get mad about it (amused, more like it, and maybe just a tad confused that I’m not as smart as I consistently look).

        But I imagine it can still be a little disappointing when your readers don’t (always/ever) catch the little nuggets you hide in plain sight in your stories. I’d be disappointed. (But then I’d be not-disappointed again because they enjoy my stories and at least they follow the big stuff just fine, the thick bastards.)

        But that cricket stuff, man, come on.

      • stchucky says:

        Oh, that was just interesting (as far as I’m concerned). No reason anyone should have gotten it. Especially from the tiny throw-away reference on the blog. It’s certainly not mentioned in the series.

    • aaronthepatriot says:

      How do you writers manage to beat yourselves off and write all this stuff at the same time? Doesn’t it get your keyboard sticky?

      P.S. Sorry dreameling for assuming you also masturbate while you write. I mean, we all do it sometime…this is more of a technique question.

      • stchucky says:

        You obviously didn’t learn to one-hand type in your sciencey-wiencey engineering degree.

      • aaronthepatriot says:

        Obviously not! I did learn to type with my junk, though. Explains a lot of my posts.

      • dreameling says:

        It’s called the opposable thumb. It’s a miracle what you can do with just one hand. Also perfect for touch interfaces. IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.

      • aaronthepatriot says:

        “It’s called the opposable thumb. It’s a miracle what you can do with just one hand. Also perfect for touch interfaces. IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.”

        What, the touchpad on this laptop?

        I couldn’t disagree more! My thumbs are always reaching down and screwing with my cursor position, or clicking on random shit, while I type. Sometimes I just want to chop my thumbs off! Well, unless there’s some other solution I haven’t realized yet.

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