Interlude: GRRM: LOLs and Sadness

Day 27. 99 pages, 43,236 words.

Yes, I’m getting to the First Feast. This week, man. Don’t get me started on this week. Today, I am visiting Helsinki for an extended tour, for my medical consultation with the doctors about my MRI results (remember Magnet Truck? Still deserves a cartoon series, Magnet Truck does) and my blood tests from yesterday.

With any luck I will be given another all-clear, making four years in a row that I have been cancer-free. Which puts me four-fifths of the way to the official You Beat Cancer line, where I rejoin the rest of humanity

I saw this news story the other day. Well, I say “news”…

Yes, George RR Martin did not expect the Game of Thrones TV show to catch him. I guess time makes fools of us all.

So, yeah. “I had such a huge lead, but the truth is, I’m a very slow writer.” See what I mean about this not being news?

Seriously though. We’ve been over this and over this. And yeah, I was over-optimistic in my expectation / prediction that the TV show would give Martin a boost, and make him more invigorated and ready to work on the rest of the series. But apparently not.

I’m still left in the increasingly-minority position of a) feeling sympathetic towards him because this is his Big One and all anyone ever says about it anymore is that it’s taking forever for the next part to come out[1], and b) feeling that he doesn’t owe me a darn thing. If and when he publishes again, I will buy the book and that’s on me. Yes, he’s halfway through a story. Yes, there’s a perceived contract between storyteller and audience, but the magnitude and form of that contract is entirely the storyteller’s decision. Any legal contract he has with his publishers is another matter, but I can almost guarantee that any failure on the storyteller’s part to tell his or her story is going to be more saddening and disappointing to the storyteller than any amount of bleating from the audience about the stupid storyteller’s contract. Maybe I’m a pathetic fanboy who thinks Martin can do no wrong. I don’t care.

[1] Actually, on the face of it this is still good, because it should mean that people are looking forward to the next part … but it seems as though in recent months and years, this has changed from keen anticipation to a sort of derisive hostility, and I don’t like that.

He knows, alright? He knows about the contract. He’s a writer. He wants to tell that story. If he doesn’t – if sitting at his keyboard has become a chore, if he has become bored or resentful of his characters, if he doesn’t want to go into that world anymore and follow them to the next series of adventures – then the story will stop.

And there is nothing we can do about that. And there’s no punishment we can exact that will hurt him more.

I promise you.

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10 Responses to Interlude: GRRM: LOLs and Sadness

  1. I just wanted to say YES to all this about Martin.

    • Martin, and, you know, storytelling in general.

    • dreameling says:

      Ditto. Martin owes me nothing. If anything, I owe him for the awesome reading he’s given me over the years — and for providing me with half of the primary source material for my master’s thesis. When his next one comes out, I’ll read it. Until then, I got more than enough other stuff.

      The genre owes him even more: He showed that you can do grim, adult shit in epic fantasy. Something that was acutely lacking in the mid-90s. (He wasn’t the first to go there, but he arguably popularized it in a way nobody had done before him. He’s the father of grimdark, even though he doesn’t really do grimdark himself, to my mind, or at least not as grim and dark as the new guys.)

  2. brknwntr says:

    I agree with all of this in principle. He owes us nothing, like an unelected overlord who we look to for salvation.

    “i gave everything to you people and still you demand more? I am done with you and your petty squabbles. I am a god you keeping quim!”

    [Ed: “I won’t touch Barton. Not until I make him kill you. Slowly, intimately, in every way he knows you fear! And then he’ll wake just long enough to see his good work, and when he screams, I’ll split his skull. This is my bargain, you mewling quim.” Slight mash-up of quotes and autocorrect and caffeine are a dangerous mix.]

    Sorry, I got a bit caught up, and apparently GRRM channels Loki in my head. I do complaints a fair ammount about certain authors not finishing a series. Here is the distinction I try to make. I only complaint if they are making promises and not following through. John Ringo has three half finished series that I love. He has publicly stated that he would like to finish them, but there just isn’t enough intrest for his publishing company to pay him to write them. He hopes to finish it one day, but at the moment, bills to pay, etc. Fair play to you sir. I did my bit by purchasing my physical and e-book copies, nobody else did. Move on to something else. But if you are touring conventions and book shops, living off of the buzz generated by your books, telling fans that the next ones are coming….. I don’t care how much you look like a jovial grandfather, at some point I will start fantasizing about leaving you beaten and bloody in the sewers of Rome. That’s an oddly specific fantasy actually. I might need to cut back on the coffee this morning. Especially since these songs and video clips keep playing in my head.

  3. aaronthepatriot says:

    Bah. You fucking writer bitches. You owe me nothing? Well, what do I owe you? Eggs-actly. I will watch the HBO series from henceforth and read other more promising authors.

    Dreameling, got anything in the works? Hatboy can tell you, I’m quite a loyal friend. Write me something, damn you.

    • dreameling says:

      dreameling, got anything in the works? Hatboy can tell you, I’m quite a loyal friend. Write me something, damn you.

      What I’m writing now nobody but me will ever, ever read. It’s the one you write out of your system, lock inside a drawer for all time, and move on.

  4. thelinza says:

    Cancer check report arrive yet Y/N?

    • stchucky says:

      They fucked up and still need to give me a colonoscopy this coming week, but the MRI and blood tests were all clear. The front-butt probin’ is just routine, and because I was starting to strut around like I owned the place.

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