Interlude: It’s Only Tuesday??

Day 26. 96 pages, 42,190 words.

Sitting in a waiting room wondering if my parking ticket will run out or my meeting will start before I get out of here, might as well write a blog post.

Today I had to get the kids ready and deliver them to daycare. This is not a chore, since I do this most mornings even when Mrs. Hatboy isn’t laid up with the medigoggles on. Only problem was that I was so wrecked after yesterday, and didn’t want to wake Mrs. Hatboy up at 4am and start her eyes itching ahead of schedule, that I didn’t bother putting my alarm on.

As a result, I woke up at quarter-past eight.

Now I have blood tests to run, then back to work for a meeting, and then another meeting, all with the Sword of Red Tape +1 hanging over my head. And contrary to what it sounds like, the damn thing doesn’t cut red tape. Then, I don’t know. I’m not planning past work.

33 just went in. I’m 36. Hopefully soon. On the other hand, I turned on my phone when they were on 31.

34. Looks like the old people have finished for now. Gotta go.

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1 Response to Interlude: It’s Only Tuesday??

  1. aaronthepatriot says:

    You guys need Obamacare, sounds like…. *smri*

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