Interlude: This week in the Hatboy Family

Day 25. 95 pages, 41,506 words.

I’m afraid I don’t have much to add today. I’ve been busy, and I’m up early right now in order to be even more busy, and this week I’m going to be insanely busy.

Let me just take you through what I have to do today.

In an hour or so, I need to go in and get Mrs. Hatboy and drive out to the general area of the office, where I will deliver Mrs. Hatboy to the Laser People to get her eye operation done. Mrs. Hatboy is saying goodbye to the glasses while the operation is still possible. I think I’m more nervous about it than she is, but more likely she’s just better at hiding it than I am.

At that point I will head into the office, which is nearby, and attempt to do a half-day’s-worth of work. I won’t go into what needs to be done there, but I have a growing to-do list so I might as well take the opportunity to do it while I’m stuck there.

Once Mrs. Hatboy is ready, I will take the afternoon off work and drive her home. I don’t say any of this stuff like it’s an imposition, of course – I’m excited about this, as well as nervous – It just all needs to be done, that’s all.

I will then go and get Wump and Toop, who have fortunately been over at mommo and ukki’s place for the night, and I will take Wump to her dance class, taking Toop along for the ride, before we head home and take care of poor goggled-up Mrs. Hatboy.

And that’s just Monday. I have a bunch more to do all week.

Finally got around to starting the latest season of Doctor Who on the weekend, and still deciding whether or not to write about it just yet. Hopefully we’ll get more episodes watched soon.

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4 Responses to Interlude: This week in the Hatboy Family

  1. brknwntr says:

    Do let us know if you need something. Food made, kids watched, etc. I know you have closer babysitters. But I am available all evenings and nights this week.

  2. aaronthepatriot says:

    Damn, good luck with the operation and with your busy week! I watched the prequel for this season and the first episode and….now I’m excited. I like Capaldi a lot more, so far, now. And a certain other character is oh-so-awesome. LOL And she implied the Doctor WAS a woman at some point, didn’t she? So is that how they will take care of that SJW issue without actually having it happen? LOL

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