Halfway Point

Day 18. 60 pages, 25,480 words.

There’s a “White Halfway Pointer” shark-joke in here somewhere, but I couldn’t bring myself to put it to words. There’s also an even more horrible “jump the shark” joke. Anyway, the big news for today is that I published Fergunakil and now my Amazon page has enough published works to require a scrolly-button, at least on my screen, and okay, only for the second half of Fergunakil‘s cover, but it’s still a scrolly-button:


‘Tis the season to be scrolly.

It’s not much of a milestone, but it was one I was aiming for.

Yes, the fourth book of The Final Fall of Man is complete, and the fifth is coming along nicely. Technically we’re on the homeward stretch.

Find the e-book here, and the paperback here (or here, if you want me to get more royalties). Amazon is still working on synchronising the pages.

In other news, I’m running a give-away on Eejit. Sadly it’s only valid for the e-book and only in the US, but if anyone wants to help me spread the word, the first book of The Final Fall of Man is going out free of charge to Kindle users in the US, all this week.

This link should work for the give-away. Since I’m not in the US, I can’t even see that shit. But apparently it’s true.

All in the name of nabbing readers and getting noticed.


Fergunakil: The one where I use the phrase “phlegm testicle nut-sweat.”
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19 Responses to Halfway Point

  1. stchucky says:

    Yes, it seems to work and seems to be free of charge for amazon.com users:


  2. aaronthepatriot says:

    Congratulations, man, I’m going to get on this ASAP. Is that the Damorakind ship on the cover? It’s badass….

  3. dreameling says:

    Dat’s a cool, cool cover. I imagined the ship a bit differently in my head, but that totally works. And really nice texture work in the title.

    • stchucky says:

      Yeah, I saw the ship more squid-like or octopus-like, with really extended blade-tentacles. But you know, the cover can’t be 100% what’s in everybody’s head, and this is close enough – it’s a reasonable interpretation as seen from a certain angle. The cover artist was moving out of his comfort zone a bit, from planet-forming to actual freeform painting of a ship, so it’s a good effort. Uh, obviously, or we would have kept tweaking it.

      And yeah, the title looks neat.

    • aaronthepatriot says:

      Different than my imagination, limited though that is, as well. Mostly because of the orientation, up-down vs. left-right, if that makes sense. Otherwise it looks awesome (I mean, regardless it looks awesome), so only the orientation gave me a microsecond’s twitch.

  4. stchucky says:

    Another interesting thing I just noticed, and which must be entirely a lucky coincidence because I sure didn’t mention it to Gabriel … is it just me, or does the Anger and Lethargy look an awful lot like a tick head with mandibles about to bite the sun?

  5. aaronthepatriot says:

    Ordered from createspace. I won’t review this until I can read it to make sure it doesn’t suck *smri*

    Side note: My createspace history doesn’t seem to indicate I ordered Bonshoon. I must investigate my bookshelves.

    • stchucky says:

      Thank you, and thanks for the reviews. I’m still seeing that rat bastard General Moral Decay (Alcohol)’s review as a one-star whiny bitch, but I don’t care. Every good review puts Bonshoon back onto the map, and if there’s a single solitary one-star that then turns out to be a clear joke when someone looks at it, that makes me look even better.

      In the meantime, yeah, I just hope the final revision doesn’t suck! The cover looks good on the printed versions, but it is definitely dark. Not so much of a problem, but it’s almost impossible to make out the Tramp on the cover. Yes, she’s there … see if you can spot her.

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