This Month in Facebook (1)

Day 9. 35 pages, 14,122 words.

For today’s lazy effort, I’m just going to relate how my MRI yesterday went, through the medium of Facebook status jokes. I call it “the Arsebook Method”.

All aboard the magneettirekka!

True facts.

Anyway, that really happened yesterday. I turned up to the hospital and followed the directions to the X-ray basement (also, like magneettirekka, a technical term), got into my hospital jim-jams, got my IV put in by a rather accident-prone nurse, and was then sent back upstairs, and along a black line marked on the floor, to another waiting room. I was then told to put my boots back on because “it’s a bit of a walk”.

I was then directed to the photocopied signs saying “MAGNEETTIREKKA –>”, and followed them out to the stylish establishment you see in the picture above.

Actually, that Facebook thread got weirder the longer it went on, I had to get another screencap. I always seem to have weird reactions to the contrast material and sedative they put in me.

Look out! Here comes Magnet Truck.

More true facts. And now I want to write about Magnet Truck.

Anyway, after that the whole thing went more or less normally and – aside from rather more noise and a bit of weird spinal and intestinal pulsating that I don’t remember happening before, to the extent where I wondered if maybe the muffler had fallen off and I was being microwaved from the inside – then I came home.

The end.

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3 Responses to This Month in Facebook (1)

  1. aaronthepatriot says:

    Wait till it’s discovered MRI’s cause cancer…. Or has someone already discovered that?

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