MRI (not MRA)

Day 8. 32 pages, 12,965 words.

Well shit a doodle-doo, looks like the hospital finally remembered I existed, and sent me an invitation (on Tuesday!) for my routine MRI (on Friday!).

So today I’m off work for at least the morning, and toddling into town to get myself scanned. Should just be a simple run through the machine, I guess it’s good to know they’re still keeping an eye on ol’ Clydesdale.

So basically this means I don’t have much to report today. Let’s see what the weekend brings – I haven’t had a chance to pre-write anything so we’ll just have to wait and see. As for the book … well, I’m sure it will carry on in some small way. Gradually gathering steam and finding my feet now.

Now if I can just get in and out of Helsinki without spending too much cash…

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