Black Sheep (again)

This weekend I enjoyed another grand movie marathon with Mr. Fahrenheit, dreameling and The Pas. On this occasion, according to a vote we had taken at the Bonsh Party, the theme was “crazy” and Mr. Fahrenheit had been left in charge of the movie selections.

He did very well. Our first movie of the night was Black Sheep. A true classic, this is obviously one I had seen a while ago, and actually sorta-kinda reviewed already. What else can you really say about it?

New Zealand. A pair of estranged brothers squabble over their dad’s farm. The older brother wants to take farming in a new and revolutionary scientific direction. The younger brother has ovinophobia, which I still doubt can really be a thing. Anyway, he’s scared of sheep and he has a therapist. He goes back to the farm for closure, just as a Jurassic Park-esque series of events puts a killer mutant lamb foetus into the hands – or more accurately onto the ear – of a hippie terrorist-type.


Points to dreameling for pointing out that this guy has a goatee.

The hippie terrorist-type became a weresheep. The foetus went on to bite a bunch of other sheep and they became killer sheep. Those ones bit some other people and they became weresheep. The older brother totally banged a genetically-engineered super-sheep.


He also became a weresheep, but it was because he was bitten, not because of the sex. The whole thing hangs together very solidly as long as you don’t fart too noisily.

A bunch of businessmen were killed, and it turned out the brothers were sort of safe from the killer sheep because the super-sheep had been bred using the family’s sperm. ‘Nuff said, really. The overall result was a searing indictment on genetically-modified crops and livestock, but mostly a cheap excuse for sheep-fucking jokes set against a backdrop of a splatter comedy gone mad.

Killer sheep.

So wrong, and yet … a little bit right.

Hilarious. A cautionary tale for anyone who might be tempted to play God in the lab, or just plain fuck a sheep in the paddocks. And an excellent splattery warm-up to our movie marathon. You haven’t laughed until you’ve laughed at a dude being taken out by a sheep flying at him head-high.

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7 Responses to Black Sheep (again)

  1. dreameling says:

    This was actually better than I remembered (I’d seen it once before, many years ago). Or maybe it was the company that did it.

    But this really was just warm-up. The next ones were better (and also worse).

  2. brknwntr says:

    I wasn’t even born in 2007.

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