Interlude: Mad Max: Doomsday

I sat down with Mrs. Hatboy to watch this profoundly silly movie on Thursday night. In the process, we enjoyed one of our first genuine “turning into my parents” moments, as Mrs. Hatboy was sure she’d seen the movie (is there another movie about a virus outbreak in Scotland so the government builds a wall and everything goes utterly insane up there and then a team goes in looking for a cure?), but I remain convinced I would have remembered this shit.


And by “this shit”, I mean this shit.

Still, maybe it was during one of my more sleep-deprived or feverish or drunken evenings, and I just didn’t remember. That happens. Let’s move on. We watched it again, anyway.

There’s really not much I can say about Doomsday. Of course, it wasn’t really Mad Max – it just turned out to apparently really want to be, about an hour in. And I’m talking a serious, all-consuming need here. It was as though it aimed, prophetically, somewhere between The Road Warrior and Fury Road, and did its darnedest to make a movie of which Miller would be proud. Instead of a movie of which Miller would say “ha ha ha, oh that movie.” (not an actual quote)


It was, however, a movie in which Alexander Siddig would gladly appear. And even more gladly shoot himself in the head to escape. Spoilers.

So, I think I already summarised this one but let’s just say that there was a zombie apocalypse in Scotland, and – when everyone finally noticed it was happening – they rebuilt Hadrian’s Wall and left the population to die, meanwhile something something, overcrowding in the rest of Great Britain, then more outbreaks found, Bob Hoskins sends a team of massively over-equipped and underqualified xenomorph-hunters – led by that woman who did the Underworld movies after Kate Beckinsale stopped – into Scotland to find a cure. Team is demolished, cannibalistic Mad Maxery with a hint of Waterworld ensues, a bunch of utterly irrelevant characters turn out to be related to each other, Malcolm McDowell takes the whole “Hadrian’s Wall” thing too far and somehow recreates a medieval society in one of Scotland’s many castles, then some other stuff, some fights, a chase scene, the cure gets delivered and the guy who the first half of the movie kept insisting was the bad guy gets his comeuppance, and the main character goes off to continue living in crazy Scotland.

I don’t know, that was the movie. There were no really great performances in it, although Malcolm McDowell was evidently having fun.


I particularly liked the part where he used his robot spinning-blender-knife-hand to cut up … oh, my bad, that’s the wrong movie.

Really, what was with this movie? Was it a comedy? It started out seriously, but it sort of wound up with one of the bad guys’ heads flying and screaming into the camera lens at the end, so it had to be a comedy, right? But the first half, no. Not a comedy. Serious business.

From Dusk Till Dawn, that’s what it was like. A serious, if not very gripping movie, suddenly going what-the-fuckwards in a big hurry. Except it didn’t happen so fast in this one. It was a slow, stately descent into what-the-fuckery.


“Pardon me, ma’am, would you have a moment to talk about MasterBlaster, who rules Bartertown?”

Some interesting facts from IMDB:

  • Did you know Alexander Siddig is actually Malcolm McDowell’s nephew? Apparently true.
  • Two of the characters were actually named “Miller” and “Carter” to pay homage to respective Mad Max and Escape from New York film-makers. Also the similarity to Aliens was lampshaded to make it look intentional and clever rather than coincidental and annoying.

These two facts were more interesting than the movie. That’s all I’ve got. Doomsday was hilarious, but it wasn’t Slither hilarious.


True story.
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10 Responses to Interlude: Mad Max: Doomsday

  1. thelinza says:

    Doomsday was indeed an extremely confusing movie. I find that scotch helps the whole thing enter and exit the brain smoother.

  2. JonathanBloom says:

    I love Doomsday, it’s so wonderfully bizarre and over the top. But I have never heard of it being labeled as Mad Max: Doomsday! I don’t think Neil Marshall, the director, ever even intended it as a tribute to that, but rather a mashup of Escape From NY/LA, and 80’s Italo-post-apocalypse films.

    Although a Mad Max film with a Fine Young Cannibals musical interlude would never be unwelcome.

  3. JonathanBloom says:

    Oh, I just realized that the Mad Max part was just you addition. Bad reading comprehension, bad!

    • stchucky says:

      There you go. But yeah, the trivia on IMDB made it seem as though there was some Mad Max homage going on. How could there not be, in a film like that? It was homage or plagiarism.

      • JonathanBloom says:

        If it’s good, it’s homage, if not, it’s plagiarism. Or something like that, I’ve heard it put. Personally, I thought the car chase at the end was funny/exciting enough to warrant the homage tag. Also reminded me of Death Race 2000 (the original, not that Statham malarkey from a few years back).

  4. aaronthepatriot says:

    a good portion of the plot sounds like it came from World War Z. Not exactly, but many elements. Perhaps that’s what the deja vu was for Janica.

    • stchucky says:

      Don’t see how that would be, since neither of us have seen the movie and only I have read the book (I think). But yeah, there’s a definite zombie apocalypse vibe to it.

      • aaronthepatriot says:

        Ahh, well the walled-in areas, the going into the source to find the cure, and so on. But, as you say, can’t be what’s going on here. Well, I tried!

      • stchucky says:

        Ohhh yeah, the sunken lake city thing. At least, in the book. Don’t know what they did in the movie.

        By the way, speaking of movies, I now have independent orders from at least three separate sources that I need to watch John Wick (including your good self), so I guess I will have to go and find it.

      • aaronthepatriot says:

        John Wick…just about the best action movie I’ve seen in the past several years. Tied with Edge of Tomorrow. Different action, equally awesome.

        And I didn’t read the book, and the movie had no sunken lake city thing. Fucking Hollywood!

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