Interlude: Frontier Technical Writer

I’m between products at the moment on my project, waiting for feedback. And with the general air of sweaty desperation in the industry right now it’s better to keep the customer happy, which in reality means taking away anything and everything the customer can complain about. Well, same thing, right?

So, anyway, the upshot is that I had some spare time, and so I volunteered to help out on other projects if there was anything to be done. Sort of a hedge technical writer deal. Make myself useful, ensure that my name is showing up in inboxes attached to solutions and peace of mind. That’s how I roll, as Wump likes to say.

It didn’t take long for my e-mail to get passed around until we ended up in an obscure project I – well, obviously I can’t discuss details. But they found something for me to do. And it was actually really nice. A nice return to the absolute basics of technical writing: a fairly general issue with a document, a call for a new bit of writing, a selection of source material and an example of the same sort of thing from somewhere else that I might be able to steal from. Go. Come back to us with a plan.

So, today I’m technical writing. Not content creating, not documentation specialising, not information designing, and certainly not language validating. Straight up, two fingers of the technical stuff. Two figures, six bullets, a whole lotta tagging.

This blog post’s title made it sound cooler than it was. I’m not sorry. Welcome to technical writing.

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