My Last Week

Because this blog is, after all, all about me.

Last weekend: Well, you know how this went, because I wrote a blog post about it. So, Sunday passed in resting up and suffering a surprisingly mild hangover. Long sleep-in and extended afternoon snooze (for which I owe Mrs. Hatboy yet more debts of thanks) served to completely disrupt my sleeping pattern as well as cure – or at least help me avoid – 99% of my hangover.

Monday: Remains of mild hangover, some aches and pains and continued sleeping / eating rhythm disruption. Because I am an old, old man.

Tuesday, Wednesday: Average autumn cold. Sneezing, coughing, difficulty breathing through nose leading to further sleep loss. Wicked flash stomach ache Wednesday afternoon, reason unknown. Felt like I was trying to pass a live reindeer.

Thursday: Fever. Not entirely sure what happened through Thursday, although fever only struck in the afternoon / evening. Messed-up sleep. Distinctly recall having long conversations with Mrs. Hatboy at two or three in the morning, don’t recall what about. Mrs. Hatboy still somehow didn’t clobber me with her bedside lamp.

Friday: Fever passed, but entire body shattered. Brain decided to take initiative and boil over in a stress-attack about every little niggling thing that could possibly upset me or make me tense, from work situation to family life to the world in general. Brain did this at about eleven at night Friday, and kept doing it through to about five in the morning. Day commenced at about half-past six.

Saturday, Sunday: Feeling OK aside from lack of sleep. Went on a weekend trip with Mrs. Hatboy, Wump, Toop, Vuta, Bella, Walder and their dogs to BRKN’s and Mrs. BRKN’s summer place for a weekend of fishing, eating, game-playing, drinking, and more eating. It was a lot of fun – worthy of a whole separate blog post, despite my bitching. The kids were a handful but what were we expecting, right? Oh, and Hatboys and Palokii were bunking[1] in the same cabin. Vuta (and Bella, and in between that the dogs, and I think also Walder because it’s probably the only way the poor kid can survive) snores like some sort of indescribable demon from the pit next to Hell. The pit full of slimy burble-monsters that make too much noise and so Hell has to call up and complain on weeknights because Hell’s got work to go to the next day, damn it. Also bunks were in a loft area so the temperature was roughly 38°C, but that was actually quite pleasant.

[1] Please note I write “bunking” instead of “sleeping”. Only some of us demonstrably slept.

Anyway the weekend was excellent, sauna was good and food was amazing and the company was absolutely brilliant until I had to go to bed. It was a really great couple of days. Bloody Mary and assorted other stuff may have been a bit much on top of an all-meat, all-the-time weekender on top of a high fever and sleep-deprived week, but we have to test ourselves, right?

Monday: About five in the morning, my body goes “alright, fuck this, everybody out of the pool.”

“What pool?” assorted body-parts fall into the classic rookie trap of asking.

“BLLAAAGGBLBBLAABLLGGGAAGGAABBBLLBLBLLBB,” says my front-butt, which I have tentatively (I do everything tentatively when I have explosive diarrhoea) translated as “this pool, bitches.”

Fortunately this all manages to happen without waking up Mrs. Hatboy.

Now it’s midday.

Come on, week. Show me what you’ve got.

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3 Responses to My Last Week

  1. aaronthepatriot says:

    LOL well, I installed a light fixture in some uncomfortable positions and am a bit sore in a few places. Call it even?

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