Interlude: Politics

I am not a politically-minded person. I have, however, a healthy disdain for any nationalistic supremacist group and once the KKK hoods start to come out I feel this is veering out of politics and into an area I feel more qualified to comment – specifically, whether a person is a good person or a bad person.

So that shit has been happening in Finland right now, particularly where the refugees are concerned. And of course we have the big government money-grab that is apparently targeting … well, ‘most everyone but the politicians, although they have taken some hits too – tiny, tiny hits. Anyway, the whole thing is ugly and disgraceful and depressing, and I do want to be educated on it all but I have a poor delicate little artsy brain so please, be kind. I value the input of my more politically-minded friends and hope a comments discussion will help clarify just what exactly I should feel disgusted about, because right now I’m going with “everything”.

I was amused to see, after being pointed in the right direction by a friend yesterday, that at least Timo Soini’s scumbagness had been pointed out in some small way. Check this shit out:

Paavo Arhinmäki demonstrates how to turn a coat. Brah-vo.

Again, I’m not so big on the politics although I guess I need to start giving more of a shit if and when I become a citizen and can actually have more impact on events (at least insofar as a single vote counts, added to a lot of strident, ill-informed yelling on a blog[1]). I know that Soini appears to be the voice of reason for the Perssut because he says things like (paraphrase) “when my associate called multiculturalism a nightmare he wasn’t necessarily speaking for everyone in our party.” And all politicians are basically two-faced after a while. I had a read of this piece and was amused to see Maria Lohela had come up with a novel way of dealing with the whole “but you said things and they ended up on the Internet or other media and now you are saying other things” issue that politicians seem to face all the time. Basically, once she entered office it was a “new chapter” and everything she said in the past is meant to stay there! Come on, that’s a little bit brilliant. Ballsy, too.

[1] And I feel I should repeat, this is ill-informed. I’m basically flailing here. There is nothing in this post that should be taken as cold hard fact. I mean, sure, dudes in KKK hoods who throw Molotov cocktails at refugees, and anyone who will step up and defend said dudes, are probably sub-human fucks of the lowest order, and I’m pretty sure the current economic measures are going to make things shittier in Finland without actually fixing the so-called economic problem[2], but beyond that I really have no clue.

[2] Stubb, incidentally, spent a good deal of his time and education in the US. Coincidence? I’ll let me be the judge!

Thus ends today’s foray into politics. If any of this is worth commenting on or if you think I would be better served looking at it in a different way or with more solid facts and knowledge at my disposal, this is your chance to educate me. I am a sponge. I suck. Information. I suck information. I – never mind. Just forget it.

Obviously I will be better served writing science-fiction and fantasy stuff for your entertainment – don’t worry, I’ve got a whole mess of that coming too. But this was where I went today. I blame the fact that I sat down and had a pint at a pub called “The Thirsty Scholar” yesterday evening.

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24 Responses to Interlude: Politics

  1. aaronthepatriot says:

    Well said. I already knew Finland had some of this element from emails with you, but still this saddened me greatly. But I’m using my refugee rule you mentioned before. At least, I think I’ll call it the “refugee rule”. I’m going to go ahead and NOT judge Finland on a few bad apples. Or the good apples! Mwahahaha!

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