HoUSe of Cards

Day 53. 205 pages, 96,942 words.

We just started watching House of Cards on Netflix. That’s the USian version, hence my hilarious capitalisation in the title … I was resistent to the idea of a USian reboot of perhaps my all-time favourite British political thriller. In the end I was won over by Kevin Spacey and all the positive comments I’ve heard about the show.

My approach, in this case, was to consider it as a different show, a different story, to the House of Cards / To Play the King / The Final Cut series. It has some connecting points – character names and titles, general plot, the narration style – but it’s a whole different set of politics.

I’ve only seen a couple of episodes so far but it isn’t terrible. It’s nicely-written and interesting. F.U. is a compelling character even if he’s not worthy to lick Ian Richardson’s boots. I imagine it will have a lot more shouting and violence and aggression, but that might just be my prejudice speaking. I’ve read that the later series go wonky and Underwood is actually a pretty terrible politician, let alone a mastermind. But I’ll see how it goes.

Mrs. Underwood is nicely-written and well-acted too. Just not sure she’s worthy to do anything with Mrs. Urquhart’s boots yet either.

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2 Responses to HoUSe of Cards

  1. aaronthepatriot says:

    Couldn’t watch…all the talking to the camera…in an actor who already seems snide at the best of times, it just really turned me off.

    • stchucky says:

      Yeah, that was one thing they borrowed from the original. In the original it was done only occasionally, and the character and the actor made it work. In the reboot, it is a bit over-used and yeah, used at tastelessly smug moments.

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