Interlude: Fifteen

Day 46. 173 pages, 81,837 words.

Well Hell. Looks like it’s the 1st of September, and that means I have been a happily married Hatboy for fifteen frippin’ frappin’ years.

I will add this humble blog tribute to my equally humble declarations of affection and gratitude elsewhere. Words really can’t express how I feel about this little lady, and that’s a darn shame because when they were handing out strengths, I was all like “words”. And they were all, “are you sure? We’ve got chiselled good looks, rock-hard abs, consistent temper, gigantic penis? That last one’s very popular…” and I was all, “no, words. It’s gotta be words. Also, stop smirking at my penis.”

And since it looks like I am about to be buried under the paper landslide at work again for a while, I will make this brief.

Miffle, you are my everything.

Wump and Toop are also my everything, but they’re, like, new everythings that sort of came along and everythinged over the top of the everything you already were. You were everything before there was all the other everything. You’re a load-bearing everything.

See? Words.


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7 Responses to Interlude: Fifteen

  1. brknwntr says:

    This simplifies what to get you. You have everything, I’m not getting you anything.

    • stchucky says:

      Well gee, if I’d known that receiving anniversary gifts from people other than your spouse was a thing, I would have pretended to be less satisfied.

      However, you could get me a couple of episodes of Game of Thrones.

  2. aaronthepatriot says:

    Congratulations! My 15 was earlier this year, in June! And, your original everything made your other everythings, with your willing participation, so (as you prove by other means) your original everything is still >> the other everythings, to use internet faux-math.

  3. thelinza says:

    I plan to show this to my husband as an example of other people fumbling, in an effort to convince him that lack of expressive ability is not indicative of underlying sociopathic tendencies. Wish me luck.

    • aaronthepatriot says:

      LOL good luck, and of course it’s just that he’s a man and we are emotionally stunted, and forced into worse levels of that state by societal expectations!

      At least, that’s what I’m going with. XD

    • stchucky says:

      The key to hiding your sociopathic tendencies is keeping your skin clean and fresh. As soon as it starts drying out, flay yourself a new hooker and wear her skin instead.

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