Interlude: Dance, it’s Friday!

Day 21. 75 pages, 33,693 words.

Mrs. Hatboy and the girls have gone away for the weekend, so I am planning on getting a flipping great big wad of writing done. I haven’t made a very good start yet because I had to do this thing called “work” all day … but now it is Friday evening, and that means it’s time for some uplifting cheesiness. Behold!

This compilation really needed Star Lord to make it perfect, but it put a smile on my face and got me in a writin’ mood.


So here, just pretend it was in there.

I also sent a certain sneak preview chapter to my publishers today, in preparation for the Bonshoon book release party – happening at Bar Äijä’s at the end of September (19th or 26th of September, depending on when my parents move out of my garage).

Dancing bartender is dancey and tends bar.

That is all. As you were.

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10 Responses to Interlude: Dance, it’s Friday!

  1. stchucky says:

    P.S. Shut Up And Dance With Me: It looks like I’ve found my theme song for General Moral Decay (Alcohol).

  2. Shut up and write for me!

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