Interlude: Interlude of Interludeness +1

Day 18. 69 pages, 30,594 words.

Not a lot to add, just too busy writing today to actually, you know, write.

Thought you might be mildly interested in my progress metrics so far. I know, it’s sad but I also know those of you who comment here. And I’m pretty sure you’ll be mildly interested.

Metrics, again!

I did say “mildly”. Twice.

So, there you go. Off to a wild start, and Mrs. Hatboy has sweetly planned a second weekend up at the kesämökki with the girls to allow me even more free time, so hopefully this will continue to go well. I have been losing impetus, but only because of work and other considerations.

I’m enjoying this story. I hope my waffling doesn’t make it drag too much and end up with too much content for the plot. But that’s a job for my editors.

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