Yes! The Friday Randoms!

Day 7. 47 pages, 21,076 words.

Sorry. Still didn’t get to that story. But that’s because look at all the work I’m doing on Fergunakil. So shut up!

Seriously though, I thought I would get way more time today and have way more inspiration. Instead, I had a badly-timed meeting in the morning[1] and a bunch of stuff to do, then I did a spot of wood-cutting at lunchtime and got nicely energised on endorphins, but then had a bunch more work to do and now I need to sign off to start our Friday evening’s gaming. Which is great, but it involves some preparation on my part and – again – me-no-writey.

[1] Looks like my project work isn’t going to stop any time soon, which I suppose is good. One guy off on summer vacation, so I am left holding the bag – or in this specific case, the fuck-off enormous port crane, but you didn’t hear that from me. In fact, I’m beginning to wonder just how much of this work got done while I was on vacation. It’s nice to be a vital part of the team, I guess.

Here’s to hoping I’ll get some more done over the weekend, but I don’t think so. Wedding to go to tomorrow, then probably a dramatic hangover on Sunday.

So yeah, whatever. 2,000 words written, bitches. On no spare time.

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