Get off my lawn

Day 6. 43 pages, 18,954 words.

I’m getting to the Black Honey Wings. Just in case anyone was still curious (I may or may not have been the victim of a subliminal hurry-the-fuck-up on a friend’s blog). I just need a space to sit down and read through and get my head back into it, and right now I have time to do that with one story only, so I’m doing it with Fergunakil.

Work is keeping me busy, which I suppose is good, and I am still trying to find an hour or two a day to walk. Or, in today’s case, looks like it will be chopping wood. We have a five-month-old pile getting rotten in the back of the garden, and it really needs to be split and stacked up to dry. An enjoyable job, to be sure, but it’s one of those things that has to be done on some sort of timetable, because wood doesn’t just stop getting rained on and weeds grown up through it and mould setting in. And I’m not retired, so I can’t merrily just spend five hours splitting logs like my father-in-law.

Follow-up: I did an hour or so, another two or three such sessions should get the pile done. Rest assured I will keep you posted.

The good news, such as it is, is that Toop woke me up at about 04:30am today, absolutely livid about something (well, her nappy and pyjamas were soaked so I handled that) and refused to go back to sleep, so I got to give up on my own sleeping plans, have my shower and head out here already at 05:00. Sadly, that still leaves me just getting started – my work ethic demanded that I sort out a few issues from yesterday and get started with the ongoing editing job. Still, plenty of time to spare.

Just … not much time to work on the blog. Gotta make that choice. But please stay tuned.

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