Orange Is The New Black

Day 3. 38 pages, 16,626 words.

I just finished watching all three seasons of Orange Is The New Black in about four sittings. What a hilarious show. I won’t rave about it too much, but it is definitely worth checking out. What Lost had in fantastical / science-fiction / surreal scenes, Orange Is The New Black has in a more mundane and believable setting. And what Lost had in creative interweaving of back-story and character to create sympathy and conflict, Orange Is The New Black has approximately five hundred times better.

There is such a mixture of personalities and motivations, a shifting plot and clever development, making the microcosm-world of prison into the entire universe it is to these women. There’s such complexity of characters – there are no good guys, no bad guys, and by season three there are maybe only one or two figures of black-and-white disgust and loathing. And even they have their moments of sympathy.

I’d be hard-pressed to pick a favourite character. The story’s main protagonist is clearly meant to be Piper, since she’s the new blood at the beginning of the story and is the eyes of the audience as she enters prison and begins her new life. But she’s a pretty despicable character – she seems to take the road in the opposite direction to those of the rapists, drug-dealers, liars and thugs, starting out pure and sympathetic and gradually stripping away layers until the raw creature is revealed. Fun to watch, but hard to like.

Ultimately, I’m torn between Red (because Kate Mulgrew is my hero) and Miss Rosa (because cancer and vehicular homicide). And I don’t know, for some reason, this scene featuring Crazy Eyes and her small but enthusiastic reader-base really spoke to me.

My work could evidently use more Admiral Rodcocker.

Apologies for the crappy quality on that video, but I filmed it on my phone from the television and uploaded it for illustrative purposes.

Great show. Go and check it out.

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