Bonshoon paperbacks

My proof copies of Bonshoon arrived yesterday, and they look good. We’ll be ready to go live with the release on Amazon on Friday.

Oh, there was one slight misprint. See if you can spot it:

Seraphympire, the story of a haunted amusement park planet and ... hang on.

It’s subtle.

Bizarrely, CreateSpace had printed four of my five proof copies just fine … and then given the fifth one the front, back and spine cover of some other book entirely. A book about a hot redhead in a mini-skirt and fuck-me boots who is trying to kill a crow with a longsword, apparently. And the crow seems pretty resigned to it.

Seraphympire is going to start some shit with this crow.

Either that or it knows that nobody is going to be paying much attention to it on this cover.

Actually that’s probably not a longsword, I’ll leave it to the experts.

Inside, my book was fine. The cover, and back-blurb, are just extremely misleading. I told CreateSpace about it and they are sending me a free copy of Bonshoon[1], and then I took to the Internet to find the mysterious Renee Spyrou.

[1] Although now I’m wondering a) whether I should have asked for a copy of Seraphympire instead, and b) whether I can take a photo of some of my books with another random book plonked alongside and always get a free extra copy. Why am I such a remorselessly good guy?

Turns out, in an even weirder twist, that she is a similarly self-published author and she’s Australian, too.

True story. I tweeted it.

I sent Edpool to talk to her. Edpool has people skills. Look at how he handled all those tweets filled with abbreviations, numbers-for-words and other devilry, and didn’t even cry or kill any small animals.

It was, all in all, a most amusing and profitable venture all round. This book of hers, Seraphympire, seems to be the first in a series, but I am strongly considering picking it up and having a read. It looks like a lot of fun. It’s not really about a go-go dancer trying to kill a crow – it’s actually about a half-vampire, half-seraphym with a split personality disorder. Which is way cooler if you ask me. Although she could kill a crow. Fuck crows.

I’ll leave it to Edpool to review the book. Edpool has people skills.

Better yet, I discovered that even us lowly self-published independents can get hardcover copies of our books. While CreateSpace only does paperbacks and I am doing my e-books through Amazon for Kindle, Ms. Spyrou put me onto another website, IngramSpark, that will make a fancy hardcover book for you in a variety of styles.

You need to give your book a new ISBN and stuff to get around the exclusivity agreements, much like with the paperback and e-book, and I think I will still take a look at my publishing agreement, but I’m thinking that once The Final Fall of Man is finished I will have to get the whole lot in lovely, lovely hardcover. Because damn it, why not?

Heck, I might even be able to get all eight into a single volume. Wait, ~350 pages x 8 books … 2,800 pages before resizing and formatting … okay, maybe not. But still, worth thinking about. I am almost halfway through the series.

Sorry, still trying to get more stuff written. But things are hectic. Three workdays left until the Big Trip.

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4 Responses to Bonshoon paperbacks

  1. Renee Spyrou says:

    You crack me up, I absolutely enjoyed reading this, and love the way you paid out the crow on my cover, knowing the protagonist of my book, she would put those boots to good use and more than likely dropkick that crow and send it into the abyss, but hey, the crow is symbolic of how much death surrounds her. She has a terrible habit of killing things & with much regularity in this book. There always seems to be a crow around something dead, especially on the roads here in Oz, crows just love that roadkill, so I thought it appropriate. Anyway it was a pleasure cyber meeting and chatting with you, I look forward to reading your books also. Best of luck with the new release, I will be sure to check it out.

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