Bunzo, it’s Bunzo,

He fills the world with fun!

Bunzo, he’s Bunzo,

Belov’d by everyone!

He’s Bunzo, that’s Bunzo,

He likes to laugh and play!

Come to Bunzo’s,

Have fun at Bunzo’s,

And never go away!

Bonshoon, the latest book in The Final Fall of Man series, is now available for pre-order.


And the cover is glorious.

The e-book, and the paperback, will be available on Amazon next Friday, June 12th. Just before I take off on my month-long sabbatical.

I hope you all enjoy this one (let’s face it, most of my regular readers and commenters are already on my Editorial Team, so you’ve read it already … but I’ve made some tweaks). I really enjoyed writing it and I think it’s the best one yet. Now we’re really getting somewhere with this crazy story.

Also, it’s crammed full of flashbacks, and I’m pretty sure the Chief of Security and Operations bangs a Marganite slavegirl while on shore leave. Which is just about the sci-fiest thing I have ever written.

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