One More Interlude: Proud Daddy Moment

For the record, I have actually finished my project work, just need to publish the docs and check through them and then explain to the team (who won’t bother reading because the explanation will be so long) what I have done.

So I am now just decompressing and having a think about how to proceed. And yes, working on the next bits of basically everything at once.

My cover for Bonshoon should be ready by the weekend, which means I will be putting it up for pre-order early next week. Then probably releasing when we head to Australia in mid-June. I can’t wait to show off this cover.

Anyway, yesterday evening we had one of those classic parenting moments – Wump had a little performance thingy for her dance class. I understood that this was one of those things that always come back to bite the deadbeat father when he never has time to go to any of his kid’s shows or sporting matches or whatever, so I was determined to make it. That meant working myself to the edge of lunacy yesterday.

And yes, it was adorable. The show, that is. Although me working myself to the edge of lunacy was probably also pretty cute.

Wump's dance recital

She did indeed entertain the audience with a loud explanation of her gaming plans for later in the evening.

Wump did splendidly and Toop was very entertained. I can’t deny man-tears, although they didn’t actually spill down my cheeks and make my beard salty.

But it was close.

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