Another Interlude: Monday!

No, there’s no consistency to when I put “Interlude”. Sometimes, like with my Way Backstory (remember that? Probably not), there is such a ridiculous break between segments that it’s really pointless having an “Interlude”.

But I do intend to come back to all of these things. And (to borrow a phrase from George RR Martin) I do have Part VI of Black Honey Wings almost ready, I just don’t have the time to dedicate to getting it done right now.

As for the actual Black Honey Wings story itself, I’m not super certain where it’s heading. Obviously it’s a prequel teaser type deal, but I’m just letting the whole thing play out. I’m doing my best to not connect it too much with The Final Fall of Man, because too many linkages and I’ll end up just trying to track them for hour after hour. Still, it’s canon (although blogs can be edited), so I need to take a little bit of care.

The weekend was busy, and I found myself irritable and sleepy for a lot of it. Actually passed out for a few hours on Saturday, which was nice – but strange, for me. And Sunday was … well, it was fun, despite the variable weather and the fact that I was landed with looking after Wump for basically the entire day, while Mrs. Hatboy enjoyed the maailma kylässä markets and eateries with a mostly-sleeping Toop.

Still, despite my grumbling I don’t begrudge her that – she does love a good market-wander and Wump would never have tolerated walking at that pace. And I got all the spring rolls and fried chicken I wanted. Also came home with a bag full of ginger beer. And then Mrs. Hatboy thoughtfully took Wump and Toop over to mommo‘s for the evening, because mommo and ukki had just returned from vacation and had missed the girls terribly. So I got a little time off to sit and stare blankly at my computer screen.

Friday’s office outing was fun too, although now I have to go and make up for lost time with this dumb project I’m trying to finish.

So. Ugh.

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