Maailma Kylässä

I thought I was going to get time to finish the little writing bit I was working on, but looks like no time off this weekend. Out most of Friday, wrangling kids and taking out our enormous pile of recycling backlog and chopping wood Saturday (with a two hour sleep in the middle of the day after we put Toop to bed, because I was suddenly just shattered), then shopping Saturday afternoon and a visit to the uncle-in-law’s place after dinner (which I walked to), and now it’s coming up on midnight.

So I will pre-write this for tomorrow instead of finishing off Part VI. Today we’re off to the always-enjoyable maailma kylässä, the world village food and culture fest. Nice for a bit of atmosphere, some ginger beer and bubble tea and fried plantain and spring rolls. The past few years have been generally spent watching Wump in the playground. But still fun.

Then back to work Monday to try to get this damn project put to bed.


Oh, and no. I don’t care about Eurovision this year. No, not even because Australia is in it. The only worthwhile act didn’t make the finals, so screw the Eurovision.

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