Londonkeymoot 2015

Okay, with apologies I absolutely do not have time to write a full report of the extended London weekend. It was fantastic. Much fun was had and much good food and drink was consumed and much marvellous itemry was acquired.

I had mixed feelings on returning to Finland, but it was mostly due to tiredness and the looming pile of work being pushed by way by a runaway deadline this week. Nice to be home, and looking forward to seeing Wump and Toop this afternoon.

A shower with decent water pressure is also a bonus.

So long, monkeys. Until next time.


Anticlockwise from bottom left: Contro, Org, Janica, Laurence, Morelin, Chucky, Cassiopeia.
Yes. THE Contro.
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5 Responses to Londonkeymoot 2015

  1. dreameling says:

    It is so weird that that’s pretty much how imagined Contro looking (although a little plumper around the edges).

    • stchucky says:

      Hee hee, well, I have had upwards of fifteen years of using Contro in my fan fiction to perfect his appearance and mannerisms to a strange degree of subtlety.

    • stchucky says:

      Also he has a Mancunian accent, which one might not expect.

      • dreameling says:

        lol, I read the email notification first, and it left me somewhat puzzled as to how can that guy possibly have a “Manchurian” accent? Then I started thinking that maybe I’m being racist. And then I can kinda felt bad. And then I came here to reply. And noticed that you had fixed what I’m assuming was actually an auto-correct typo. And all that in like 30 seconds. Phew. Your blog is so exhausting.

        (I had to google “Mancunian”, but that makes way way more sense.)

      • stchucky says:

        Yeah, I’ve always called people from Manchester “Manchurians”. It made The Manchurian Candidate really confusing for me.

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