Interlude: Cranes

I wasn’t going to link this, but it’s public knowledge on a news site so what the heck, I could legitimately have wandered onto this some other way. Which is what I totally did.

Here’s a news story about four fuck-off enormous ship-to-shore port cranes, about which I know nothing and with which I am not involved in any way, getting delivered to their new home in the Port of Houston.

STS cranes in Houston

Nothing to see here. Definitely not a bunch of Imperial Walker skeletons.

The funny thing here, aside from the fact that this news story identifies the crane company – Konecranes – as South Korean instead of Finnish, is the immediate set of foaming-eejit comments in the Comments section.

Okay, these cranes were manufactured in South Korea. Here’s a thing: that was done because South Korea had the manufacturing capacity to build and load up four cranes this size. I don’t know if even the big shipyards in Hanko could take on a job this size. And yeah, cost of manufacturing probably came into it. This whole thing cost tens of millions of dollars, they’re going to minimise that wherever possible.

So they weren’t mined, refined, assembled and installed in the US, with USian parts and labour? Big deal! The very fact that these cranes will be used now, in Houston, means its shipping and logistics capacity has just doubled. That opens doors for a lot of other things that Houston will now be able to take care of.

And yes, this job provided employment to USians, South Koreas, and probably Finns and Australians, although I can’t say for sure because I’m just like this guy, you know? And no, Konecranes isn’t a South Korean company. But who cares? Does it matter what nationality something that ephemeral is?

This is a really awesome feat of engineering. Just enjoy it and stop whining.

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6 Responses to Interlude: Cranes

  1. brknwntr says:

    Do not attempt to disassemble and transport this crane……

  2. thelinza says:

    Never ever read the comments section on any news site. That’s just asking for it.

    • stchucky says:

      So far the only Comments sections I have found remotely worth reading have been the ones on our marvellous blog. We should have a Comments Crusade and go out there with our wisdom and improve Comments sections by the sword.

  3. thelinza says:

    We drove over a bridge high enough to see these, on the way between the first and second checkpoints in the immigration interview adventure. They are super cool. They look well-documented.

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