Day After Vappu!

No, nothing much to add here. Party was good yesterday but I volunteered to drive so as to avoid too much drinking and hugging and dirt wrestling. As it turned out, Friday was the kid-friendly day of a three-day party, so there was no drinking involved.

Another birthday party was just cancelled today, at literally the last minute. Leaving us with no time to do anything, and Wump miserable.


Speaking of which, thank you all for so many Likes!

Yes, I pre-wrote this. It’s a weekend.

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2 Responses to Day After Vappu!

  1. aaronthepatriot says:

    Ugh, that stinks! We have a party today and our little ones would be really sad if it were cancelled, I don’t see that often though. In fact, I’ve never seen that! What’s causing that to happen in your case? Your wording here implies it wasn’t the first time…

    I’ve heard of parents getting bills in the mail for not attending a party after RSVP’ing yes, but never the birthday party family cancelling. Interesting issue, the one of charging people who say yes but don’t show. I mean, if their “Yes” caused you to take actions that cost more money for the party…but still I’d feel a little icky doing it.

    • stchucky says:

      No, it doesn’t happen very often, and in this case the party was postponed by a day due to the birthday boy’s brother starting to vomit in the night. So whether the party happens today depends on whether or not it’s a full-blown stomach bug in the house. Either way, we have party #3 happening today too.

      As I say, cancellations don’t really happen once invitations are out. That “another” on my part was just bad phrasing, referring to the first paragraph of the post being about another party.

      I often jokingly penalise people who RSVP “maybe” to a party and then show up, but the “maybe” is an obnoxious Facebook thing. People who penalise no-shows who RSVP’d “yes” (in any but a verbally chastising sort of way) belong in the special Hell.

      When it comes to weddings, if you RSVP “yes” but then don’t make it, you’re still obligated to give the couple a gift? Depending on your reason for cancellation? Is that the convention? Don’t know. I may need to know once Wump and Toop are marriage-age. Hard to say.

      On yet another hand, if you organise a party that leaves you hundreds of dollars out of pocket if someone cancels, then you’re a fucking idiot in my sincere opinion.

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