Busy busy busy Vappu weekend coming up.

Had fun last night, first proper barbecue of the season followed by some hard lemonade, a spot of Jim Beam, and Smoky and the Bandit. What a classy movie.

Toop spoiled us by sleeping thirteen hours straight.

My children’s book cleared its check this morning and I have placed my proof order. They came in at a staggering €2.50 each, so most of the price was postage. They should be arriving sometime next week.

Today I took Wump and Toop on a two-hour hike through the woods, with Toop in the baby björn this time around. Way easier on the shoulders, a little rougher on the stomach. It all got a bit tragic when we were about three kilometres out and Wump realised there would be no shoulder-rides home. Much crying, falling down and ei-enää-jaksa ensued, but we got home in the end.

Leftover barbecue bits, potato salad and sima for lunch.

Now I’ve got a couple of precious hours on the rig, followed by a trip out to Puksufest Vol. 2, aka. Heikki’s birthday party.


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