Yes, Thursday

That’s right, nothing much to add for today. haven’t really had a chance to sit still and think of anything to write about. No pressing issues, no amazing revelations.

Work going well. Clock is ticking but I’m waiting for feedback, and I work better under pressure. That comes next week.

This weekend, we’re playing the A Song of Ice and Fire board game, and checking out the new Avengers movie. Should be fun.

Today, in my spare time, I have mostly been playing with the scanner (getting my international driver’s license paperwork underway, as well as scanning in pics for the new book), and Gimp image editor. Would you believe, I have never used the airbrush function on an image editor? It’s brilliant!

Adobe Photoshop (before it got too expensive to own) had a smart blur that I thought was the best thing ever, but the airbrush is like a grown-up’s smart blur. It’s really making my sketches look tidy.

Should be able to finish the last ten drawings or so for the book in the next week. Looks like I’ll be pushing it for a May 1st release, but oh well. Soon, anyway. Can’t wait to get this one out.

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One Response to Yes, Thursday

  1. thelinza says:

    It’s going to be a minor struggle to not read whatever you post about Avengers. It comes out midweek, here. 😦

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