Election Day

It was election day over here in Finland yesterday. Wasn’t my problem, since as a foreigner I am not allowed to vote in the big elections (the little local ones I can, though, and do), but Mrs. Hatboy went to work for the day in the voting spot, helping people get their votes in and then counting them all up in the end.

I understand it was a bit of a sad result, the Greens doing reasonably well but the Foriegner-Killin’ Bigot Nazi Moron party doing (once again) way better than they should in the 21st Century. Oh well. For me, it meant looking after Wump and Toop all day. Which was great, because I had help from my good buddy Z. He brought food. He brought equipment (although we ended up not quite daring to try the whittling, after just holding onto a rock proved too much to expect of poor Wump). He brought some sort of cider-and-beer thing that was really quite digestible. He carried groceries. He carried Toop. He watched Atlantis with Wump. I can’t really take credit for looking after things for the whole day, since Z was on the scene. He wrangled the kids, which gave me the chance to do a load of dishes and a load of laundry. Productivest day ever.

Wump, slightly sad.

He even spent half an hour swinging Wump on the swings while I fed Toop her lunch and got her into bed. And if Wump looks a little unimpressed here, yes – it is to do with the headgear.

We went for a good stroll in the forest and had a “picnic”, if you can call it a “picnic” if we just found a plastic chair and some rocks and sat on them and ate random pieces of fruit ‘n’ veg from a tupperware before Wump got impatient and started wandering off to play hide and seek.

"It's time for rope safety."

She learned a lot about rope safety too, which is funny because she had never had a safety harness while climbing in the forest before.

Then we went to the shops on the other side of the forest, and poor old Wump decided it would be a good idea to throw a rock. She later said she hadn’t wanted to throw the rock, which I had to amend to “hadn’t wanted to throw the rock straight up in the air and have it land on her own head”, which is what it did.


She was very brave about it. Hey, my handkerchief was made in China.


And it wasn’t as bad as it looked. Scalp wounds seldom are. But still, lots of blood.


And see? She was fine!

After a delicious lunch, Toop woke up and Z headed off for the afternoon, and then Wump and Toop and I hung out a bit more and played with soap bubbles. Toop thought this was the most thrilling thing she had ever seen in the whole excitement-filled day, and got to crying in between each round of bubbles because she thought there would be no more bubbles.


“Bring me all of the bubbles.”

Wump decided the bubbles were tasty.


Almost didn’t need to give her dinner that night. Oh wait, yes I did.

After I’d shovelled another jar of spaghetti into Toop and put her in bed – where, exhausted, she slept the entire night through – I cooked a mess of chicken wings and potato wedges for Wump and myself, and Wump ate about three quarters of the wings. I had to microwave myself a curry just to make up the difference. Given how little she usually eats, this was shocking.


Head injuries evidently make you hungry. Also, the Gorn.

That was my election day. Hope all you Finns voted. And I hope all your foreigners did something worthwhile too.

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13 Responses to Election Day

  1. dreameling says:

    I voted for the Greens, as per usual. And this time my Green actually got in. And the Greens overall gained five seats, which is pretty huge for them! At least the Persut lost one seat, even though they did sadly now become our second-biggest party. Awkward.

    • stchucky says:

      I thought they were second-biggest after the last election too. Oh well, guess I’d better work on filing my citizenship papers. Not that I’m a high-risk immigrant.

  2. brknwntr says:

    Next time she wants to climb something you decide is unsafe, ask her if she has “rope safety”.

  3. brknwntr says:

    Also, i appear to be balding far more than my wife will admit to.

  4. aaronthepatriot says:

    Sorry about your politics…. Poor little one! Well, she’s ready for self-pwning herself on the internet now that she’s done it IRL!

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