Hatboy and the Thursday that Should be Tuesday

It’s not that I want today to be Tuesday and to have another three days of work ahead. It’s just that I didn’t get much useful information from anyone until Wednesday, so getting it all implemented in two days – check that, one day – is just a bit too insane. Oh well.

And as for today. Ugh, well today has been an exquisitely frustrating day. I think my work computer has finally given up even trying to let me edit documents, so my big magical final-check and preparation will have to wait until tomorrow morning.

What joy.

Meh, at least I’ll get to end the week on a mad frantic burst of activity and productivity, and then depressurise for the weekend.

Not sure I’m going to have much time or energy to write anything on the blog, though. So will have to wait and see.


Ugh, meh.


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7 Responses to Hatboy and the Thursday that Should be Tuesday

  1. stchucky says:

    Didn’t help that I only got a chance to stop working and go for a walk and then eat my breakfast/lunch and have any coffee at all at 14:00.

    “I’ll just finish this ridiculously easy little bit of seed-pecking editorial work,” I said.

    “Nope nope nope,” said my publication tool.

  2. dreameling says:

    This started off pretty meta/weird because I came into this reading a Hatboy and Creepy story (see title). Then at some point I realized, meh, this is reality.

    • stchucky says:

      It gets weirder, because I wrote the lame post and then gave it a title and thought, “hmm, that could be the start of a Creepy and Hatboy serial…

      “…if I had another three days this week.”

  3. dreameling says:

    Well, your fiction has made my reality more interesting these past few days (weeks), so there’s that.

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