Dear Saturday Hatboy

Oh, you tried to keep the mess from getting too bad? This is you keeping the mess under control? What was that pint of White Russian all over the bar floor with sticky footprints leading in and out of it? What was that about?

Mess, 3

Was it this?

And what is this? This is you keeping the mess down?

Mess, 1

Seriously. You’re a jerk.

What about this? What’s this? This is the worst thing I have ever seen. And I have seen bad things.

Mess, 2

Still better than actual Foster’s though.


Sunday Hatboy.


The theme for today’s post.

Okay, so with that out of the way, here is a little report about the big Wacky-wacky-Drednanth party last night, to celebrate the release of my latest book and fob off as many copies as possible to my nearest and dearest. Thank you all, incidentally, for the huge wad of cash in my Bar Äijä’s tip jar.

It was a grand night, marred only slightly by some stupidity that I probably have to place on the doorstep of Saturday Hatboy. But all in all I think and hope there were no hard feelings. As always.

I will have to bestow dual Second Best On Ground and Second Last Man Standing awards on The Pas and Ville H for keeping me awake and entertained until, apparently, five in the morning or so.



Pictured: Best buds.

But the true awards have to go to Mrs. Hatboy, for dealing with Wump and Toop all night and also getting up at about half-past five to take care of a ripuli attack from Toop. What a joy that must have been.

The Pas also deserves special mention for walking to the party all the way from Haaga, some 20 kilometres away. My baffled hat is off to you, sir.

Lionbrides and ex-Lionbrides, 1

Lionbrides and ex-Lionbrides, 2

Lionbrides and ex-Lionbrides, 3

Lionbrides and ex-Lionbrides, 5

Some random pictures. Bless all of these glorious golden fools.

So as you can see, it was a great crowd and a great night. Some 35 people showed up, only 7 maybe-ers missed out, and a grand night was had by all. We made it a pot-luck party, so Zack made old-style USian biscuits and gravy (the non-pork mushroom gravy was nice, the biscuits themselves were excellent, and I was actually considering trying some of the piggy one as well but it was taken from my sight before I could be weak); Sari brought a butt-ton of macaroni salad (I also didn’t get a chance to try this but the good news is I found a tub of it lying in the garden and it was pretty chilly last night so I think that’s our dinner tonight); Anoppi brought some of her marvellous salmony stuff (mmm); Mrs. Hatboy prepared hummus; and a lot of people brought bread and snacks and all sorts of stuff. Excellent, and many thanks.

Almost everyone brought booze with them too, so that was fantastic. I think I ended up with more alcohol than I started with, except for the vodka which is once again almost empty. That was a 1.75 litre bottle, people.

Sotunki Cied Tea, 1

Sotunki Cied Tea, 2

I believe Sotunki Iced Teas were involved.

Oh well. A most excellent night. As I think I said. Speaking of Mr. Fahrenheit and his Sotunki Iced Teas, he most certainly has to win the Magical Mystery Disappearance award for the night. That was amazing. Two Sotunki Iced Teas, then he appears at the bar and demands “booze me!” (that’s going to have to be a line for Janus Whye in a future book), so I gave him a Valhalla, vodka and dry ginger … and then he was gone. dreameling ended up holding his glass (to Mr. Fahrenheit’s credit, it was empty), a getaway car appeared with Krisse on board, and Mr. Fahrenheit was gone.


No regrets.

Good times. So, what else happened? I don’t remember much. I know there was a quiz, because Heikki took over the bar while I graded it. Kristiina won, and deservedly so, although she was tied for victory with Mrs. Hatboy (but Mrs. Hatboy opted out of the prize pool on account of – in the immortal words of Lethal Weapon – bangin’ the author.

The Pas also took a turn at bartending, as is becoming awfully, awfully traditional at Bar Äijä’s parties.

The Pas at bar, 1

The Pas at bar, 2

The Pas at bar, 3

The Pas at bar, 4

The Pas at bar, 5

What he made was ungodly and should not have been.

Heikki took the drink off me and added lemon and coke, I think, and made it almost-drinkable. Zack then took the next logical step and took the drink away entirely and poured it out. Because the fact that it had become almost drinkable didn’t mean that the original ingredients weren’t still in there, and its almost-drinkability made me that much more likely to actually drink it. Bless you, sir, for taking that step to ensure my survival.

More randoms, 1

More randoms, 3

More randoms, 4More randoms, 5


And the best of times were had by all.

Unfortunately I was unable to get the YouTube feed working, but we will fine-tune the process. Apparently just because a webcam has a USB cable and a blu-ray player has a USB port, this doesn’t mean you can plug the former into the latter and have people all over the world watching the party through your blu-ray player. Who knew?

Anyway, next time. This time, at least, our patrons were able to use YouTube to provide some entertaining music like the clip up at the top of this post (that you are hopefully still listening to now).

fun was hadCaught drinkin’.

When Heikki and Kristiina left, there were hugs and for some reason full-body lifts, which ended up with Heikki body-slamming me onto the ground and banging up his own knee, which was just foolishness and I hope Saturday Hatboy was ashamed of himself.

It all got a bit weird towards the end of the night when we were gatecrashed by a few of the blokes from the local fire station – they’d been out partying and had apparently decided Bar Äijä’s was a good place for a jatkot. They were all nice guys but everyone was drunk at that point, and I was dropping drinks and falling down, so it all seemed to get really weird and unfriendly-vibe for whatever reason, and in the end I just told them they hadn’t been invited to this party and asked them to leave, and they left, and it was all good.

Many thanks to you all. It was a grand night. Which I believe I said already.

Lionbrides and ex-Lionbrides, and Wump


Off to mop the floor now.

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2 Responses to Dear Saturday Hatboy

  1. dreameling says:

    Indeed. Thank you for another fun night, sir, thank you for attracting such a good company of people, thank you for the open bar, and thank you for my first proper hangover in ages.

    Zack’s biscuits and gravy was really good, as was indeed the whole spread. Those bagel-y bread things with hummus, yummy.

    Btw., there’s a tip jar?

    • stchucky says:

      It’s up on the bar amidst all the other stuff … it’s really more of a joke, but the last couple of parties I have been using it to stuff my book-earnings into, which has been great.

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