Dear Sunday Hatboy

By the time you read this, last night will have happened and you’ll probably have a few choice words to say to me. That’s fine, you have at it.

You’ll also have some cleaning up to do. And whether or not you’re feeling crappy, the cleaning up thing is rock solid. That’s a guarantee. So, sorry about that. Although you have to know by now, it wasn’t me making the mess. If anything, I was trying to minimise the mess, right? Oh, okay, maybe I spilled some stuff or knocked over something, but you and I both know it was those incorrigible friends of ours who made the mess.

And family! Don’t get me started on those guys, am I right? Sure, they’re pretty seasoned and responsible, and they’ll do their part to make sure the mess doesn’t get out of hand, but … oh, those guys.

I hope Walder didn’t end up in the emergency room this time, at least. Did you make the office baby-safe?

Oh wait, that would be my job, wouldn’t it. I’m on it!


Saturday Hatboy

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