Okay, let’s try another quick post for today, just to cheer myself up. No big deal really, but this really was a ray of sunshine and I’m very glad Mrs. Hatboy managed to capture it amidst all the coughing and crying and screaming and vomiting of the past few days.

In this amazing video, Wump reads Where’s My Cow? to Toop, “while we’re waiting for the plane to land, because we’re visiting Tinny and Grandad” (that’s her grandparents in Australia).

By memory – her reading is not quite this good yet. Come on, she’s not five yet.

I only hope this is how it’s going to be in June. I guess we’ll see. Wump’s doing a lot of adorable moaning and groaning and climbing around already here, so this is probably a taste of things to come.

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