Easter break

Ugh, what’s with this house lately? Just seems like illness after illness is sweeping through this place, just as soon as we get over one round, another one hits us. And this time, it’s screwing up our long weekend sleeping schedule. Boo.

On the plus side, I guess this one’s not too serious. Toop had a little bit of a fever on Thursday and Wump, Toop and I have been hit with a bit of a cough and some sinus issues, and Wump came down with a bit of a fever on Friday.

On the minus side, whenever Wump gets a cough, she coughs herself into vomiting, and this usually happens in bed.

On the plus side, I crumbled up half a Kinder egg into my coffee filter when I brewed yesterday morning, and it’s delicious.

Everything’s good news and bad news, really.


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3 Responses to Easter break

  1. dreameling says:

    Sorry to hear about your woes and busted weekend sleeping plans. Of course it has to be during the long weekend, right? But this too shall pass! (Ours has the flu, following on from a cough, and the wife’s out of it with an aggressive stomach bug. I’m healthy but getting zero sleep, so fun times all around.)

    Kinder in your coffee? That’s fucking brilliant. Must try this.

  2. dreameling says:

    Hah, “Kinder in your coffee” sounds like you ground children in your brew. I so hope someone reads that out of context.

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