Momentary Pressure Release

Kudos to all of you who just thought “masturbation”, but no. I just couldn’t think of a title for today’s blog post.

Not a whole lot of time right now, but today I found the main document publication tool in my project has decided to time out, freeze up and basically not work due to some recurring errors. Restarting the computer, a time-consuming chore that usually fixes everything, does not seem to be helping.

Not having a document publication tool makes it a little difficult to publish documents, and that’s basically what I need to be doing today. Making final edits, getting review comments. Can’t go into detail, because work and secret and stuff.

But yeah, it does sort of serve the purpose of at once delaying my work (added pressure) and leaving me with absolutely no recourse to actually continue the work, as the next steps are now in the hands of the rest of the team, and tech support, and hopefully a voodoo priest (released pressure).

Oh well. Still have to get on with it. Bye now. Six hours until long weekend.

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3 Responses to Momentary Pressure Release

  1. aaronthepatriot says:

    Hah, good luck. That reminds me of the day last week when my computer starting performing at super-slow speed, so I rebooted, and it hung in the updating screen for 2 hours before finally restarting. Then it wouldn’t connect to the intranet, meaning I couldn’t do any work. Then, I called tech service after first emailing, since I was in early and didn’t have the phone number right away. By the time I got them on the phone, I logged in again and it worked.

    The next day, I went to my government client, and again a slew of updates, an hour starting up…good thing I don’t have a gun.

    • stchucky says:

      In this case, it turns out the problem was what I have been telling them the problem was for the past four months, and they have been telling me can’t possi-blye be the problem.

      Oh well, don’t care. Long weekend.

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