Bless this man

I stumbled upon a video this morning, in the course of my random breakfast web surfing. Hilariously, and wonderfully, I stumbled over it after winding up on, apparently the website of a rabid homophobe in the U.S. who forgot to renew his domain name one time and had it bought out from under him by a gay rights activist. Now the site contains a whole lot of links and a whole lot of love.

At the bottom of the site, at least when I went there, was this video: “Maurice Williamson – NZ MPs hilarious gay marriage speech”.

This was the best thing I saw this morning. Bless that man and his hudeous iccint.

This video in turn linked to this one.

This was the other best thing I saw this morning.

I know, this is all pretty old news, but I hadn’t seen these related videos. Bless the kiwis, they get so much right. Australia really could do worse than to officially rename itself “The West Island”.

Seeing another website listing reasons Barack Obama is not a Muslim, and seeing some of the comments on that page, just cast the beauty here into even greater contrast and managed to restore some of my hope in the species.

Or at least two little islands full of them, anyway.

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2 Responses to Bless this man

  1. aaronthepatriot says:

    LOL @ Big Gay Rainbow! I mean, all of it was awesome, but I think that’s the problem with this world. We need MOAR Big Gay Rainbows! I mean, honestly, can you see ISIS carrying on with their ridiculous jihad when there are giant Big Gay Rainbows in the sky everywhere? Surely they would think Allah might be sending a message….

    Sad to say, though, much of this has been said on the floor of the US Senate, over time, and one party doesn’t give a damn WHAT you say. Still, I think America is heading in the right direction on this too, it’s only a (brief) matter of time now.

    • stchucky says:

      It’s a sad irony that the atheist is denied the greatest potential weapon against religious loons. By definition, atheists aren’t allowed to believe in divine portents, and so they can’t claim them without instantly giving themselves away as taking the piss.

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