Dream time: Astro Tramp 400 Special

Well, last night I had my first weird dream with a Final Fall of Man theme, so what the heck, might as well share it with you.

I can’t remember much now, it was a frazzled sort of morning after a steadily-disrupted night. But the whole thing played out like an episode telling the tale of a political party on some planet or other. It was rather akin to the big feuding two-party system in the US, actually, with Republicans and Democrats constantly tripping each other up.

Only on the planet in question, the Republicans (yes, I am declaring them the bad guys here) called a special session to sort out their differences and get some laws or policies or something pushed through. They called a big meeting in this special auditorium where humans, Molren, Blaren, Bonshooni, even Fergunak and aki’Drednanth could gather and discuss how things were going to go.

Then the Republicans sealed the auditorium and submerged it in the Fergunak habitat.

The grounds were actually very interesting, with lots of pools and channels and little artificial waterways, all so the Fergies could get about the place. So when the bad guys dropped the auditorium into the water, the floodgates all opened and all these sharks started flooding into the area down these waterways. It was a pretty cool visual, actually. And the other political party all got eaten.

The aftermath? This played out like a bit of a political story, and the people witnessing it or hearing about it all sort of rolled their eyes and declared it a “total Bond villain move” on the part of the Republicans.

The end.

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2 Responses to Dream time: Astro Tramp 400 Special

  1. aaronthepatriot says:

    Republicans in America are doing it to their own party…they have been figuratively killing each other off for years now, as you have witnessed. Well, not to be a bummer here, because this was a cool dream, but now in Missouri they have apparently LITERALLY started killing each other off.

    Basically the Republican party chair in MO dropped rumors that one of the two governor candidates in their party was a Jew. Which, he’s not, but in the US South, Jew-hating is rampant. Not to be confused with Israel, they love everything Israel does, but those damn Jews…but I digress.

    The guy in question was VERY disturbed because he knew what a nasty rumor that was to have about oneself (so sad that this is the case), and while a friend was on the phone with his wife, he joined the call, said some vehement things, proclaimed he was going to kill himself, handed the phone back to his wife, and then…walked over to his handgun (unbeknownst to the wife) and shot himself dead right then and there! Incredibly tragic but now, as of yesterday, that’s not the end of the story.

    That was 3 weeks ago, and for a while it looked like the party leader and some consultants who participated in these attacks would at least lose their jobs. But then, everything went back to normal, the party leader was “tired of talking about this” (boo fucking hoo, eh?), and wasn’t going to resign. Nobody was punished except the guy who committed suicide and his family.

    So his chief consultant committed suicide late Friday night/Saturday morning, it was discovered on Monday. Republicans…they’re SO close to belonging fully on House of Cards. Anyway. You’re welcome for that little story….

    • stchucky says:

      Holy shit, that really is horrifying. I had no idea that accusations of Judaism were so serious as to hound a grown man to suicide like a slut-shamed teenager. Wow. There’s nothing about that story that isn’t awful.

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