Dream time again

Early this morning I dreamed that our customer had changed the site of their office. It was a nice new place, in a sort of a forest setting and with plenty of wood architecture, somewhere between a bungalow and a sauna.

The only problem was that a particularly overzealous and pointless security guard had installed retina scanners at the main entrances. I remember thinking in exasperation, if there’s no rule, a Finnish bureaucrat will make up a rule and then follow it. Anyway, I had no retina profile on record, so the dude (who was just letting himself in ahead of me) said I couldn’t come in.

Well, I had work to do so I went along the verandah at the front of the building, climbed over this little dividing counter type thing like a mini-wall, and found a wide-open side door. I strolled on in. Found my way to my desk – there were lots of people, at a long set of desks in an open floor plan, and each workstation had a name on a sticky note. Mine said HINDLER, which is a standard misspelling and makes me sound excitingly Nazi.

I mentioned the retina scanner to the managers, who said it was annoying and nobody had authorised it, and now the security guard was going nuts with the enforcement. Apparently another group of externals had run into trouble, so I promised to go out and bust them in through the same side-door I’d used.

When I found them, no doubt due to conversations yesterday, they turned out to be three of the guys from The Big Bang Theory. And they’d been caught trying to break in, and had been stripped naked and either dunked in cold water or flat-out waterboarded. Rogue security bozo was really going with it.

Anyway, I just got them to the side-door and the security guy was coming our way, when my alarm clock went and now I have to go to work.

Let me just check I have my key.

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4 Responses to Dream time again

  1. aaronthepatriot says:


    Possibly stemming from the odd situation of you having to go in to work in the first place, which (at least subconsciously) makes you feel out-of-place, maybe almost not-belonging after working from home as you have been? The weird over-security and not being given access has that feel, to me.

    • stchucky says:

      Quite possible, quite possible. Or the low-key not-in-possession-of-all-the-facts hostile situation generated by assorted customer contacts, which of course I can’t talk about and so will prove difficult to analyse. Certainly all a rich tapestry of neurosis.

  2. dreameling says:



    For real? Oh god, I will remember that.

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