Sick (again!)


Not a lot to report today. I have finally come down with this stomach bug Wump has been carrying around for the past week, so now I’m dealing with stomach aches, the squirts, and a lot of other joyous stuff.

Mrs. Hatboy is off to the new Helsinki steampunk bar tonight, followed by a Battle Beast concert. I couldn’t deprive her of that, after all the parties she’s let me go to while she’s sick, so I am looking after the girls. I’m just glad this illness waited until after my big Monday dinner to surface, although working 2.75 blinis out of my poor intestines is adding a whole new dimension to the fun.

Last night we went to the office and picked up a huge heap of office supplies and other bits and pieces. Ended up with a boot-full. Christmas bonus schmristmas bonus, there was a lot of great stuff there.

BRB, Wump playing with scissors.

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