Interlude: Finland, Finland, Finland

Day 66. 178 pages, 87,234 words.

I’ve been lucky enough to have lived in Finland for almost fifteen years now. This weekend marks my ten-year anniversary with Lionbridge, or Bowne Global Solutions as it was called when I signed on. Although I still really only consider it to be nine years, since I spent a year of it on sick leave.

I love Finland. I like the climate (although sometimes the main thing I like about it is that it gives me plenty to complain about), the people, the culture, the way it’s run. Does it have problems? Uh, yes? Everywhere has problems. Does that mean I want to leave and go somewhere else? Nope. Somewhere else will also have problems, and I’d have to be convinced they were more minor problems than the ones I face.

So, I was amused to see this website crop up on my news feed, with a whole lot of cited complaints about Finland, or specifically about Finns.

I think I’ll let Edpool deal with them.

edpool (5) edpool (4) edpool (3) edpool (2) edpool (1) edpool (13) edpool (10) edpool (9) edpool (7) Edpool deals with jerks.

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5 Responses to Interlude: Finland, Finland, Finland

  1. brknwntr says:

    “although sometimes the main thing I like about it is that it gives me plenty to complain about”

    Before I say anything else, you are absolutely right about this sir.

    Now, all this other nonsense. Its a tough call for me, in each and every person I found points to agree with, as did you. One of the things I have noticed here in Finland, and which was not pointed out here, was a very strong separation of …… Types. Finns more than other countries I have been exposed to, seem to have , a social type. Its not a class, its not a spectrum, maybe a demographic? Anyway, these types have very different sorts of behaviours, most of which were displayed here, but no one type has ALL the bad behaviours. A point you made.

    I personally do enjoy living here. Sometimes simply because I have so much choice for complaint. There are things that I want to change sure, and one day I might really like to go home. (I suspect that as long as I continue to think of the US as “home” I will continue to want to live there) But I am enough attached to Finland that I am not OK with people, Finnish or non, slagging her off. Sort of like my mother or wife, I can complain about them, but if their names cross your tounge, it better be with respect. Or you better be prepared to back those words with your life.

    Also, I hate whiney people. I differentiate here between those who complain occasionally, and those who do nothing but complain. I’m not sure where I fall on that scale. I’m not British, or Finnish for that matter, stoically carrying on no matter what. But I would like to think I am neither (insert country name known for whinging, possibly Finland) I will argue a point I absolutely disagree with until my dying breath simply because the other point of view is backed by someone who annoys me. This is a flaw, I know and accept it. This often leads me to feel very protective of the lady that is Finland.

    Finally, why is every American that comes to Finland a douche, its embarrassing.

    • stchucky says:

      Funnily enough, in Australia it is the (first generation) Brits who have the reputation for being complainers. The “keep calm and carry on” thing apparently only applies to Brits in Britain.


      I’ve only known about five USians in Finland, and they’ve all been great. It’s just this mass-consciousness “those” USians who are apparently bad, but I’ve never seen one.

  2. thelinza says:

    Verohallinto -did- charge my company 1500 euros tax on 515 euros of earnings. So there is that.

    • stchucky says:

      That just sounds like a huge fuck-up, combined with your repeatedly-demonstrated horrible, horrible luck with paperwork and bureaucracy of any kind. There’s no denying, though, that the fuckery definitely needs to be removed from the system.

      We had our share of Kela nightmares with my sick-leave and compensation as well, but it hasn’t affected my overall high opinion of the way things work here.

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